In 2020, airlines received 566 large Airbus passenger aircraft:

  • ◦ 38 aircraft of the A220 family
  • ◦ 446 aircraft of the A320 family (including 431 NEO models)
  • ◦ 19 aircraft of the A330 family (including 13 NEO)
  • ◦ 59 aircraft of the A350 family (including 14 A350-1000)
  • ◦ 4 A380

This is 34% less than in 2019, when users received 863 aircraft manufactured by the concern from Toulouse. To overcome the restrictions on international flights, the Airbus team implemented an electronic delivery solution that covered more than 25% of aircraft transferred in 2020, allowing customers to receive them while minimizing the need to arrive at Airbus facilities.

“Working together with our customers has allowed us to get through a difficult year. Airbus teams, customers and suppliers have come together in the face of adversity to achieve this result. We also thank our partners and governments for their strong support of the aviation sector. Building on deliveries in 2020, we We are cautiously optimistic about 2021, although we face significant challenges and uncertainties in the short term, ”said Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury.

In 2020, Airbus received a total of 383 new aircraft orders:

  • ◦ 64 families A220
  • ◦ 296 – A320 (including 37 A321XLR)
  • ◦ 2 A330
  • ◦ 21 – A350 families

After canceling orders for 115 aircraft by December 31, 2020, Airbus had 7,184 aircraft in its order book. The financial results of the entire concern 2020 from Toulouse will be announced on February 18, 2021.


Source: Aviation24

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