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In 1910, a cargo flight was made for the first time in the world. From now on, air travel has played a key role in the delivery of valuable products and perishable goods.

Air transport is very important in order to deliver goods over long distances in the shortest possible time. Air Freight is a reseller that contributes to global economic development and creates millions of jobs.

The global economy depends on the ability to transport products at competitive prices to consumers around the world. Therefore, air travel is quite rightly considered the main “connection” between producers and consumers.

Air transport is indispensable in the global trade and tourism industry

Air travel allows countries to connect to the global marketplace, supporting globalization. Air transport fosters collaboration and networking between companies from different parts of the world.

Countries and international companies can specialize in activities where they have a comparative advantage. Companies have the opportunity to leverage economies of scale that drive down costs. Many sectors of the economy use air travel to reduce delivery times.

Also, air cargo is useful for the development of tourism in remote destinations and islands. And tourism, in turn, has a positive effect on the employment process at airports and airlines.

Technological tools to improve the supply chain

The digitization of the supply chain for air carriers has significant benefits by increasing the visibility of the transport of products. This helps make the supply chain more flexible.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more reliable and provides carriers with greater agility and responsiveness to market conditions. If air carriers strive to remain as competitive in the market as possible, digitization is essential.

Detailed analysis of the data obtained will help to improve the efficiency and cost savings of air travel. Through digitization, air carriers can understand their costs associated with a particular shipment. This will allow you to provide more accurate offers and services at a realistic price.

Tracking the movement of goods in the air helps to ensure the safety and correct delivery of goods. Digital automation helps to reduce errors and avoid delays in the air delivery chain.

Importance of air cargo during the COVID-19 pandemic

The problems of the global supply chain are very relevant in the modern world. In the midst of a pandemic, air travel is playing a key role in the delivery of urgently needed medical equipment and vaccines, according to IATA. Thanks to successful supply chain solutions, vaccines can be transported to their destination on time for maximum efficiency.

Here, an important role was played by the use of the carrying capacity of passenger aircraft.

Speaking at the 14th World Cargo Symposium (WCS) in Dublin, IATA global head of cargo operations and e-commerce Brendan Sullivan said: “Air freight is a critical industry. This pandemic reminded us of this. In a crisis, air travel is a lifeline for society. They are the ones who deliver critical medical supplies and vaccines around the world and support international supply chains. And for many airlines, freight became an important source of income when passenger flights were stopped. ”

IATA CEO Willie Walsh believes that many airlines now rely on freight revenues to stay in the market.

Air travel industry forecasts

Global trade is projected to grow 9.5% this year and 5.6% in 2022. E-commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace. There is also a growing demand for high-value, temperature-sensitive specialty shipments, medical supplies and vaccines.

It is predicted that in 2021 the demand for air cargo will exceed the pre-crisis level (2019) by 8%, and in 2022 – by 13%. Therefore, air travel has strong short and long term prospects.

But we must not forget about the problems. The restrictions of the pandemic have led to severe congestion in the global supply chain. The current realities have created difficulties for crews crossing international borders. Resources, capacity and logistics will continue to be a problem.

Despite this, with the ongoing global fight against the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, air transport will continue to play an important role in ensuring the smooth operation of global supply chains.

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