Cargo Transportation

Air Transportation

The fastest and the most reliable way of cargo transportation is air transportation, the launching of which requires special knowledge and experience.

Our company provides international freight air transportation as follows:
  • «airport-to-airport»;
  • «door-to-door» (DDU, DDP);
  • Cargo transportation under the customs control of Ukraine;
  • International transit and multimodal transportation;
  • Transportation among «Third» Countries.

We are glad to offer you optimal logistic options for air transportation, which not only provide you fast and safe air transportation but also allow you to save money by choosing the optimal tariff rate.

Set of services of “door-to-door” cargo transportation includes:
  • insurance of cargo (chargeability of airlines is limited to 25 USD per 1 kg of cargo);
  • shipping from a sender to Boryspil Airport;
  • customs clearance for export;
  • flight to the airport of destination;
  • customs clearance and door-to-door shipping with the help of our worldwide network of partners.

Multimodal Transportation

We offer the option of cargo delivery by automobile from Ukraine to the warehouse of our partner in Europe followed by delivery to airport specified by you. European airlines offer more options for large cargo transportation.

By default, we use hubs at the airport:
  • Frankfurt am Main;
  • Luxembourg;
  • Vienna.

As for imports, european air carriers offer affordable tariff rates for cargo delivery from China and the USA to Europe. Often cargo transportation to Europe + by car in Ukraine is cheaper than air transportation across Europe to Boryspil International Airport. This applies to cargo in excess of 1 ton.

We offer options of large cargo delivery to Germany followed by delivery to Ukraine by automobile.

Our company provides international transportation of following commodities:
  • general (non-specific) cargo;
  • subsize and heavy cargo;
  • hazardous cargo.

Sea container Transportation

Sea cargo transportation is the most financially lucrative and affordable way of heavy and subsize cargo transportation (especially – large consignment) over long distances in the world. For instance, international container transportation from China lasts about 4 weeks, whereas provides a significant cutting expenditure and does not limit the cargo volume and its tonnage.

Our company offers the following services:
  • exported sea container cargo transportation in any port in the world;
  • imported sea container cargo transportation in any port in the world;
  • «door-to-door» transportation;
  • terminal cargo processing (reload, consolidation, storage, etc.) in ports;
  • heavy cargo transportation;
  • subsize cargo transportation.

Today container cargo transportations from around the world to Ukraine are usually carried by the FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Than Container Load) schemes.

The Cost of Transportation

You can order transportation by air from Europe, America, Asia delivery of cargo in Ukraine, but also in other areas.


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How to transport bulk and liquid cargoes?

Delivery of bulk and liquid cargoes involves the use of tanks, tank containers, trucks, flexi-tanks. Bulk and liquid goods are: 1) food goods - wine, juice concentrates, edible oils, etc.; 2) chemical (hazardous and non-hazardous) cargo - glycerin, technical oil, glues, etc..; 3) bulk products; 4) liquefied gases. Air delivery of chemical, hazardous and liquid food cargo is carried in special stainless steel tanks. These tanks function as a thermos, keeping the temperature which is required for cargo.

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