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Customs brokerage services

Brokerage services are an important part of goods movement along the supply chain. One of the main causes of problems with customs registration of cargoes is ignorance of or failure to comply with the customs clearance rules for various categories of loads in different countries. This may lead to a fine or even confiscation of the cargo.

To avoid problems with customs registration of cargoes, we offer the following services:
  • consultations on planned delivery (contract, customs payments, licensing documentation);
  • verification of documents before departure of the cargo in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian customs;
  • planning of cargo clearance prior to arrival – declaration preparation;
  • prompt execution of the required documents.

For the fastest customs clearance without any complications, we need full and accurate information on your shipment.


Information that the customer needs to provide for customs clearance:
  • cargo origin;
  • names of all goods included in the cargo;
  • cargo size, total weight;
  • all supporting documents, executed in a country where the cargo was bought and put together.
  • If necessary, any special documents for some categories of goods (licenses, permits, etc.).

Certification of goods

In accordance with the code of the UCCFEA, some goods crossing the customs territory of Ukraine and thus undergoing customs clearance procedures, including in the form of samples – are subject to mandatory certification under the current legislation of Ukraine.

D.S.L. Ltd. provides its clients with services in preparation and organization of procedures for mandatory certification of goods being moved.

D.S.L. Ltd. provides its clients with services in preparation and organization of procedures obtaining other permits:
  • Conclusions of Health Inspection Services;
  • Declaration of conformity to technical regulations;
  • Conclusions of Kyiv Research Institute of Forensic Examinations (KRIFE) etc.

Implementation by the Assay Chamber of Ukraine

Any jewelry imported to the territory of Ukraine for the purpose of sale, shall be tested by the Assay Chamber of Ukraine. Assay Chamber of Ukraine is a special body of financial monitoring, which exercises control over the extraction, manufacture, use, circulation, accounting and storage of precious metals and precious stones, as well as conducting transactions with the said valuables.

Besides testing jewelry, Assay Chamber of Ukraine:
  • verifies the authenticity of gem stones;
  • determines marks of assay on your precious metal.

Imported products shall be submitted to the Assay Chamber with the customs declaration and an application. Appraisal usually take from several hours (if there are just few items) to several weeks, depending on the number of items and the workload of the Chamber.


Nowadays, according to the current legislative framework, jewelry is subject to:
  • state assay control;
  • state certification;
  • customs clearance for export;
  • Appraisal.

Transportation using armored transport

Transportation of precious metals or money shall be carried out in specialized armored vehicles that are guarded on the way to their destination.

Thanks to transportation by armored vehicles of our company and the company of armed guards, we guarantee:
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Control
  • Speed

of your cargo transportation.

Our company’s armored vehicles meet all safety requirements to safe transportation of valuable cargoes. Satellite navigation ensures continuous monitoring of the armored vehicle location.


Depending on the value of the cargo and customer’s requirements, we can provide extra protection.

Cargo registration according to ATA Сarnet

Registration under ATA Сarnet is the most convenient way of temporary cargo move-in to the territory of foreign country for demonstration or exhibition. Chambers of Commerce of the exporting countries shall issue ATA Сarnets.

Benefits of registration under ATA Сarnet as compared to regular customs declaration:
  • Minimum number of documents required;
  • Simplified customs clearance procedure;
  • Exporting county’s Chamber of Commerce is responsible for moving out of the cargo;
  • Similarity of procedures for customs clearance in the countries that adopted Istanbul Convention in 1990;
  • Ability to import goods in turns to various member countries of ATA system using the same document.

According to ATA Сarnet, commercial samples, professional equipment and goods for exhibitions, concerts, theatre performance and similar events may be moved in.


ATA Сarnet guarantees:
  • Exemption from import duties on goods imported to the territory of the Member State of the ATA system.
  • Mandatory acceptance by member states customs authorities instead of national documents package.
  • Covering of import duties by customs authorities in case of violation of temporary import terms.

The cost of transportation

You can order transportation by air from Europe, America, Asia delivery of cargo in Ukraine, but also in other areas.


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