Valuable Cargo Delivery

Valuable Cargo

In the field of international air transportation, cargoes with a value over 1,000 USD are considered valuable.

Advantages of cooperation with D.S.L. PE:
  • a leading company in Ukraine, which provides services for international transportation of valuable goods with a guarantee of the safety and a full financial responsibility;
  • an availability of a wide network of partners around the world, specializing on the transportatiton of valuable goods;
  • an authorized partnership and insurance coverage of BRINKS Inc., which is a world leader in the area of valuable cargoes transportation;
  • an availability of own specialized transport and armed guards;
  • an availability of own insurance coverage.

Transportation of valuable cargo is associated with great risks and responsibility; therefore, we always deliberate on the route of international delivery in detail.


Stages of cooperation:
  • Getting the orders for transportation.
  • Calculation and verification of the possibility of order execution.
  • Signing the contract for transportation execution.
  • Obligatory additional packaging and sealing of the cargo.
  • Cargo transportation with our permanent monitoring.
  • Cargo delivery to the final destination with the original sender’s seals.

The company is not responsible for the contents, if the bag and seal are intact.


You can order transportation by air from Europe, America, Asia delivery of cargo in Ukraine and vice versa.


* - Obligatory for filling

** - Enter your address, airport or port of departure / delivery



What can the D.S.L. company offer?

D.S.L. company can arrange ground delivery of valuable goods with both armed and non-armed security. The protection and escort of valuable goods is carried out by experienced specialists with special training and practice. All our guards are provided with emergency technical equipment, special protection. If necessary, they also have weapons.


If this is necessary, then valuable goods are transported in an armored vehicle that has several degrees of protection and is equipped with signaling devices. We are developing a shipping route for valuable goods as a carrier company. The route and time of delivery, the nature of the cargo and other important details are confidential information.


We are also engaged in air delivery of valuable goods. With years of experience in international air cargo and reliable partners in different countries of the world, we will organize the delivery of your cargo so that you do not have to worry about anything.


D.S.L. (DSL) company is fully responsible for the integrity and safety of the valuable goods entrusted to us and provides maximum protection throughout the delivery.

Which cargoes belong to the category of valuable cargoes?
  • Precious metals, products from them and alloys of any texture;
  • Precious and semiprecious stones;
  • Precious jewelry, watches made of precious metals;
  • Stock shares, bank cards, banknotes, etc .;
  • Natural furs, hides and articles thereof, carpets and other precious objects;
  • Antiques, museum exhibits, relics, collectibles;
  • Works of art;
  • Rare species of animals and plants.
What documents are required to deliver medical equipment?

Expert assessment and opinion on the residual value of the equipment; certificate of compliance with technical regulations.

What documents are required to deliver currency values?

A completed customs declaration in the event that the currency of an individual exceeds the amount of 10,000 euros and any amount if the transportation is carried out by a legal entity for the purpose of economic activity through an appropriate representative; documents confirming the withdrawal of cash from the relevant bank accounts (for an individual).

Liability insurance of air carrier

According to the existing legal norms governing the conditions of carriage of goods by air (Warsaw Convention and the Hague Protocol), the carrier's liability is limited to property, and for damage or loss of cargo he pays an average of 20.00 US dollars per kg. In order to fully cover the possible costs associated with damage or loss of cargo, it must be insured in advance.

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