Jewelry shows: why New York?

American jewelry shows attract many exhibitors because the US jewelry market is larger than the others, and there is an increased demand for expensive jewelry. In addition, American exhibitions offer good access to world jewelry markets.

Many experts consider New York the center of the jewelry trade and jewelry business in the world. Why? Each year, New York hosts four major jewelry exhibitions. In addition, jewelry exhibitions are also held at other New York exhibit sites. In addition, at exhibitions devoted to other topics, one can often see jewelry sections or stands as well.

It is significant that jewelry exhibitions in New York are so famous among professionals that, unlike all others, the beginning of these jewelry exhibitions in New York is not announced either in print or even in the exhibition schedule of the Jevits Center.



MJSA EXPO New York is an international jewelry exhibition, which is one of the largest events in the United States dedicated to the design and manufacture of jewelry.

The exhibition was founded in 1967 and is held annually in the month of March. Every year, thousands of visitors come to the exhibition in order to watch and experience new products, equipment and services.

Jewelers, designers, manufacturers of equipment and jewelry, and specialized trade enterprises visit this exhibition with interest. The organizer of the MJSA EXPO New York is the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America (MJSA).

Among the exhibitors there are casters, cleaners and suppliers of metal, suppliers of tools and equipment, precious stones, chains, diamond dealers, molders and fashion designers, manufacturers of finished jewelry, manufacturers of packaging, suppliers of security systems.

At the MJSA EXPO New York, visitors can not only find tools, equipment and precious stones, but also learn about insurance, safety and how to save money on alloys. Topical and modern topics are covered here: from fashion trends to investment in the industry. Visitors will be able to attend training seminars and master classes from renowned experts. In addition, participants are given the opportunity to attend various presentations and entertainment events.




JA New York

Three times a year, the Javits Convention Center, the main exhibition center in Manhattan, hosts the JA New York international jewelry exhibition, unlike all other cities in the world, where, with the exception of China, as a rule, there is only one jewelry exhibition every year or every two years .

The exhibition reflects the state of the global jewelry market and provides an idea of how this market will develop in the future.

Each JA New York session is held in the pre-sale period, so that store owners have time to replenish stocks before the next season. 600+ well-known and young brands can present the latest collections and find long-term partners.


  • JA New York Spring

The peculiarity of the spring jewelry exhibition – JA New York Spring, which is held in March, is that it is housed in conjunction with the MJSA exhibition, where you can see the tools and technologies that are used in the manufacture of jewelry.

Two impressive events at one time, about a thousand American and foreign exhibitors and thoughtful organization of halls are the main advantages for visitors to JANY and MJSA. Recognized brands and startups participate in the exhibitions. At the stands you can see products from precious metals and stones, accessories and jewelry for every taste and budget.


  • JA New York Summer

About 10 thousand professional jewelers and leading buyers from more than 50 countries of the world and almost from all 50 US states visit the summer jewelry exhibition in New York – JA New York Summer.

It is open to foreign visitors, as an exception also for non-professionals, and they can purchase jewelry exhibits at it at a more favorable price.

But visitors still undergo a rigorous selection process, and as a result of which, on average, 40% of guests own a jewelry business with an income of a million dollars a year. For exhibitors, contracts of this magnitude are a new level of sales and brand recognition.

Also, about 70% of visitors are managers of shops, shopping centers and distribution networks, so you can conclude an agreement directly at the exhibition.


  • JA New York Fall

JA New York Fall is the last known jewelry event of the year. This exhibition is held annually in October. Retailers have a unique opportunity to pick up goods at the last minute that will give existing stocks a new perspective, as well as replenish stocks that they have successfully sold in the past.


Of course, large international exhibitions are held in many other cities of the world, except New York. The great diversity and quantity of these exhibitions (there are much more of them than in other sectors of the economy and technology) can be judged by the list of jewelry exhibitions in various countries of the world.

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