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Valuable Cargo Delivery

Service description

In the field of international air transportation, cargoes with a value over 1,000 USD are considered valuable.

Advantages of cooperation with D.S.L. PE:
  • a leading company in Ukraine, which provides services for international transportation of valuable goods with a guarantee of the safety and a full financial responsibility;
  • an availability of a wide network of partners around the world, specializing on the transportatiton of valuable goods;
  • an authorized partnership and insurance coverage of BRINKS Inc., which is a world leader in the area of valuable cargoes transportation;
  • an availability of own specialized transport and armed guards;
  • an availability of own insurance coverage.

Transportation of valuable cargo is associated with great risks and responsibility; therefore, we always deliberate on the route of international delivery in detail.

Stages of cooperation:
  • Getting the orders for transportation.
  • Calculation and verification of the possibility of order execution.
  • Signing the contract for transportation execution.
  • Obligatory additional packaging and sealing of the cargo.
  • Cargo transportation with our permanent monitoring.
  • Cargo delivery to the final destination with the original sender’s seals.

The company is not responsible for the contents, if the bag and seal are intact.

The cost of transportation

You can order transportation by air from Europe, America, Asia delivery of cargo in Ukraine, but also in other areas.

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** - Enter your address, airport or port of departure / delivery