One of the categories of valuable goods is currency values. These include banknotes, coins, treasury bills, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, savings books.


Rules for crossing the customs border of Ukraine

On the territory of Ukraine, the law “On Currency and Currency Transactions” is in force, which defines the key rules for the import or export of currency values into the Ukrainian customs territory.

If the currency of an individual does not exceed an amount of 10,000 euros, then it can be imported without a mandatory written declaration to the customs authority.

If the amount is greater, then at the border crossing it is necessary to present documents that confirm the withdrawal of cash from the relevant bank accounts.

If the transportation is carried out by a legal entity for the purpose of economic activity through an appropriate representative, then there is no limit on the amount, but there is a condition for full customs declaration.

Transportation across the border of bank payment cards does not require a written declaration, since control of the currency in bank accounts does not apply to state customs.


Key measures to safely ship valuable cargo

Transportation of currency values is a very responsible task. Therefore, to ensure the integrity of the cargo, the carrier must comply with the rules:

— you cannot avoid the concluded route, which is developed taking into account all the necessary stops;

— it is forbidden to leave vehicles unattended, since currency values must be constantly monitored by the guard;

— it is not allowed to transport flammable materials or any other devices in an unsecured condition in the cabin of an automobile transport or compartment of an aircraft with currency values.

When transporting currency values, specialized certified devices for their storage are used. We are talking about cases, safes and containers that are equipped with technical security measures (sound or smoke alarms, automatic coloring of banknotes in case of unauthorized access).

Often, filling devices are used for transportation devices. Also, currency values during transportation must be insured. In the transport itself, it is necessary to ensure reliable fixation of the load to avoid mechanical damage.

All banknotes when compiled into cases or containers should be sorted at par. When compiling, they are formed face up. For transportation of coins use standard bags without external seams or packages of thick paper for packaging.


Vehicles in order to send valuable cargo

The best option for transporting valuable goods are considered air transportation. The rapid development of modern aviation technology and logistics makes it possible in a short time to send valuable cargo from any country in the world. The main advantages of air transport for carrying out currency transport:

— Reliable protection. Fairly low risks of theft and loss of goods.

— The speed of transportation. This type of transport has the shortest delivery time.

— Regularity. That is, regular cargo flights are organized from different parts of the world.

If the transportation of currency values is carried out with transfers, then the cargo is placed in a specially designated airport premises under constant guard. An important warning in the case of currency transport by air is multistage, that is, the additional use of other modes of transport to deliver cargo to the airport.

If currency values are transported by road, armored vehicles are often used. Carriers can also conclude agreements on the organization of armed escort of a car with security agencies.


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