Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, which is considered one of the leaders in economic development. It regularly hosts numerous international exhibitions and fairs with various specializations. We offer a selection of exhibitions of values that contribute to the active development of international trade and business.

• International Jewellery World Expo Toronto Fair

The exhibition has been held annually in Toronto since 1964 and is considered the leading event for the jewelry market in Canada. Here are the most relevant products and services from manufacturers, sellers and designers of precious stones, metals, designer products, finished jewelry, chairs, watches. The event creates an interactive environment for business and training and provides an opportunity to establish important business contacts in the jewelry industry.

• International exhibition of precious and semiprecious stones (The Gem Expo)

The event is held three times a year in the city of Toronto. Merchants from all over the world come to every exhibition, bringing with them raw, unprocessed precious stones and minerals, handmade handmade jewelry, which are unique and are not found in any jewelry stores. The exhibition offers an overview of local designer jewelry, many of which have received international awards. For lovers of minerals, collections of crystalline and mineral samples are exhibited.

• International Exhibition of Minerals and Fossils (Olmc Gem and Mineral Show)

Occurs once a year in the city of Ottawa. Finished jewelry, precious stones, minerals, crystals, beads, technical equipment for working with precious metals, etc. are displayed during the event. Color displays are displayed here that demonstrate practical activities and the identification of minerals and precious stones is carried out. Jewelry designers from all over the world come to the event.


• Vancouver International Jewellery Show
The exhibition is organized once a year in western Canada in the city of Vancouver. This is a global exhibition of contemporary jewelry, organized by the famous indiGem jewelry manufacturer and event organizer. It attracts the largest possible number of players in the jewelry industry and the general public. IndiGem is involved in the ethical movement. Therefore, designers and jewelry brands that are environmentally and socially responsible are especially welcome.

• Exhibition of precious stones and minerals (Vancouver Gem & Mineral Show)
The exhibition is held annually in the city of Vancouver. This is the largest gemstone exhibition in Western Canada, which brings together about 100 of the best suppliers of gems, minerals and jewelry from all over Canada and the world. Antique jewelry, pearls, handmade jewelry, precious stones, exquisite beads are presented here.

• Toronto International Antiquarian Book Fair
The event takes place annually and attracts second-hand book dealers from all over Europe and North America. Here is a wide selection of antique books, maps, manuscripts and incunabula. Therefore, even experienced collectors come here.

• North American Fashionable Fur Fair (NAFFEM)

This exhibition was founded in 1982 and takes place in the city of Montreal. Here, fur products are represented by dozens of world designers and manufacturers. Jewelry is also exhibited as an addition to fashionable fur. A large number of seminars and lectures are conducted with the study of innovative technologies and marketing in this industry. The culmination of the exhibition is considered a grandiose gala show where the latest fur fashion shows.
• Toronto Canada International Fashion Accessories Show (Mode Accessories 2020)
The exhibition takes place annually in August in Toronto, Canada. This is an exhibition dedicated to women’s fashion accessories, casual wear and fashion items. It is the ideal market for retailers to supply fashion accessories from wholesalers and importers. At the Mode Accessories exhibition, wholesalers, importers and distributors of fashion accessories and clothing gather and present product lines of fashion accessories.
The main groups of goods: handbags, jewelry, hats, scarves, hair accessories, sunglasses, belts, watches, hosiery, clothes, cosmetics, umbrellas, shoes and other accessories.
• International Exhibition of Weapons and Accessories (Valley Gun & Hunting Show 2020)

The international arms and accessories exhibition is held annually in Ottawa, Canada, in August. In 2020, the exhibition will be held for the first time in Richmond.

Valley Gun & Hunting Show will display products like shotguns, rifles, handguns, scopes, knives, shooting supplies, ammunition, reloading equipment, gun cases, pistol & rifle magazines, military surplus, collector items, archery, fishing supplies, safes, custom handmade gun cabinets, wild game jerky and much more.

Ways to Deliver Valuable Goods to Canada

In general, there are two options to send valuable goods from Ukraine to Canada – shipping by sea and air delivery. In Canada there are a large number of seaports and 10 airports have international status.

Sea shipping of valuable goods is advisable for large consignments. This method has a relatively low cost, but long terms – from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the port where international cargo delivery will be carried out. Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver (the largest container terminal is located here) are considered the largest ports in Canada. Therefore, the delivery of valuable goods for exposition at the mentioned exhibitions is carried out without any problems.

It is possible to deliver valuable cargo quickly and conveniently if you send the goods by plane. This method is considered an excellent solution for small consignments such as jewelry, antiques, fur raw materials, etc. The price of such delivery is much higher than shipping by sea. Despite this, the air delivery of valuable goods is popular, because this type of cargo transportation ensures efficiency, reliability and minimization of possible risks.

Canada’s largest international airports are located in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Therefore, it is more expedient to organize the delivery of valuable goods in safety and in full for demonstration at exhibitions using the services of specialized companies.

If you are interested in participating in international value exhibitions in Canada, D.S.L. company will organize transportation of valuable goods: jewelry, gems, watches, antiques.

We are solely responsible for the integrity and security of valuable goods and provides maximum protection throughout the delivery process.

Leave a request, request a callback or call us +38 044 360 44 15 / +38 098 150 08 60 – and we will tell you more about the service of transportation of valuable goods offered by our company.

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