The Cabinet of Ministers proposes that trucks weighing more than 12 tons should pay for travel on highways of national importance. The relevant bills prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure were supported without discussion at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on September 22. 

The funds will be consolidated in the state road fund. This money will become an additional resource for creating a qualitatively new infrastructure in the country.

“The logic of the project is quite simple – thousands of kilometers of roads in Ukraine are being built at the expense of taxpayers, that is, all Ukrainians. At the same time, thousands of kilometers of Ukrainian roads receive the greatest load and wear from trucks,” commented Denis Shmyhal, Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Budget revenues can reach up to 9 billion hryvnia, depending on the average tariff (1-3 hryvnias / km) and the length of the roads on which the fee is charged. They also plan to introduce a traffic control system for vehicles using radio frequency identification tags and introduce an electronic toll system.


Source: Logist.Today 

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