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The greatest advantages of air transportation over other types of transportation are efficiency and maximum preservation of cargo integrity. Air transport is the best way to deliver medical equipment, medicines, valuable goods and evacuate victims in emergency situations as quickly as possible.

It is the planes that are considered the best option to deliver animals that carry flights much easier than moving in automobile or railway modes of transport.

Also, air transport is most appropriate in order to send humanitarian aid to various parts of the world in crisis situations that require surgical intervention. A significant advantage of air travel is that cargo planes can hold tons of cargo, which is very important for humanitarian missions.


Medicines delivery

In order to deliver medicines, in particular vaccines, it is necessary to adhere to the appropriate standards of temperature and humidity, violation of which leads to damage to pharmacological properties. Air transportation is accompanied by the use of wireless sensors that capture information and transmit it to the appropriate receivers. This makes it possible to obtain data on compliance with temperature and humidity in real time.

It is worth remembering that some medicines have a very limited shelf life. Therefore, people’s lives depend on the efficiency and establishment of logistic processes in the delivery of medicines. The ideal option in such situations is precisely air transportation. For example, every year, UNICEF sends air charter flights to deliver large quantities of vital vaccines to Eritrea (eastern Africa) for children. Thanks to this, mass immunization of the population takes place, which sharply reduces child mortality rates.




Humanitarian aid

It is necessary, as a rule, to deliver humanitarian aid to areas affected by natural disasters or military conflicts as soon as possible. In emergency situations, human lives depend on the hourly delivery parameters, through which air transport is the best option to send humanitarian aid.

For example, in 2008, when providing humanitarian assistance (it was necessary to urgently deliver food and blood transfusion systems) from NATO, 75 flights were organized from around the world for victims of the armed conflict in Georgia.

It was thanks to air travel in 2019 that the UN and the Red Cross managed to organize and deliver humanitarian aid to Mozambique after the devastation caused by the “Idai” cyclone. About a million victims needed the fastest delivery of water, food and hygiene products. In addition, after the cyclone in the country began an epidemic of cholera. To combat the disease, thanks to air transportation, it was possible to send medicines and arrange the supply of vaccines.

As a member of the UN, Ukraine regularly organizes air transportation of humanitarian supplies. Most often, humanitarian aid is delivered to African countries (Sudan, Somalia, Ghana). After the powerful tsunami and earthquake in Japan in 2011, Ukraine managed to deliver medicines from Ukraine by air. In 2013, humanitarian aid was shipped to the Philippines to cope with the effects of Typhoon Haiyan, resulting in numerous floods. In 2018, air transport managed to send humanitarian aid to Yemen to overcome hunger and the effects of the war. Assistance was also provided during the medical evacuation of patients and victims.


Emergency evacuation

Air transport is the best option for the rapid evacuation of people on the eve of natural disasters provided by meteorologists (cyclones and hurricanes). For example, in 2019, thanks to air transportation, a large-scale evacuation of residents of northern Australia took place. Through a powerful cyclone “Trevor”, local residents were taken out with the help of military aircraft. Also, it was air transport that made it possible to save the lives of people during an emergency evacuation in Florida due to the hurricane Irma, which is considered the most powerful in the Atlantic for the last 10 years.

Air transportation as the most optimal way to quickly evacuate is used by governments to return their citizens from foreign countries through circumstances that pose a threat to life. This refers to natural disasters and natural disasters (for example, in 2011, the strongest earthquakes in the history of Japan), the outbreak of hostilities (numerous conflicts in Syria), etc.

For example, due to the aggravation of the political situation and the deteriorating security situation, foreign states evacuated their citizens from Libya in 2011. Despite curfews and the introduction of restrictions on flights, the Ukrainian government managed to organize four evacuation flights from Tripoli Airport. A current example of mass evacuation due to air travel is the numerous evacuation flights from China, organized by many world states through the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.




Patients transportation 

For urgent patients transportation in the world, the resources of medical aviation are used. There is even the term “aeromedical evacuation”, which means transporting victims to hospitals by air with the possibility of providing emergency medical care directly on board the aircraft.

In the United States alone, about half a million patients with serious health conditions are delivered to hospitals every year thanks to air transport. In Germany, for example, the military transport aviation group of the Ministry of Defense is successfully operating. The main task of this organization is to conduct an operational evacuation in foreign territories of citizens who took part in humanitarian and military operations. The sides of this fleet are equipped with all necessary equipment for a comprehensive review, laboratories for analysis, and patient warming systems.

In 2004, after the tsunami in Southeast Asia, it was possible to organize three evacuation air flights and deliver 130 seriously wounded people to Germany. In Ukraine, in 2019, for the first time, aeromedical evacuation was carried out, which allowed to save a life. A 12-year-old girl in critical condition was transported from the Donetsk region to Kiev (Institute of Neurosurgery) for surgical intervention.




Private medical aviation companies

There are a number of private medical aviation companies that can quickly and long distances transport people with medical needs. Airsides are equipped with emergency medical kits. Medical aviation services are in demand not only for the transport of severely ill patients. Such assistance is used in situations of complicating pregnancy or at the beginning of childbirth, or for transporting people who are wheelchair-bound.

Medical aviation is not only used in critical situations. There are scheduled transportation of patients for the treatment of cancer, organ transplants, etc. Also, private air transportation can be organized for wealthy people with the goal of routine health checks in foreign clinics (medical tourism).


Animal rescue

Air transport makes it possible to save not only the lives of people, but also animals. There are known examples of attracting aircraft to save animals during mass fires in Australia in 2019. Despite the enormous losses, they managed to save and deliver the animals from the affected areas to the places of temporary shelters. The animals that survived on the territory of the Wollemi National Park were provided with food delivery by air. Thousands of kilograms of potatoes and carrots were dumped from helicopters onto the land burnt by fire, where it is very difficult for animals to find food on their own.


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