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Cargo delivery is nowadays quite a popular service that is ordered in order to deliver goods around the city, region, within the country or abroad. Cargo delivery can be carried out in various ways, the choice of which depends mainly on the nature of the cargo. In principle, any cargo can be transported, if, of course, it does not belong to the list of prohibited by law.

The process of transportation of each cargo must be carried out in compliance with all necessary conditions ensuring integrity and safety. But special attention is necessary when it is necessary to send a valuable cargo, during the transportation of which it is necessary to ensure maximum security.


Valuable cargo

Despite stereotypes, a valuable cargo is not only jewelry, jewelry, precious stones or money. Valuable goods also include antiques, art products, antiques and interior items – that is, items of cultural and / or historical significance. Valuable goods are also exotic animals or plants, representatives of flora and fauna that are threatened with extinction.

So, the following items belong to the category of “valuable cargo”:

  • Precious metals, products from them and alloys of any texture;
  • Precious and semiprecious stones;
  • Precious jewelry, watches made of precious metals;
  • Stock shares, bank cards, banknotes, etc .;
  • Natural furs, hides and articles thereof, carpets and other precious objects;
  • Antiques, museum exhibits, relics, collectibles;
  • Works of art;
  • Rare species of animals and plants.

In addition to expensive items, any other objects that require special conditions are also considered valuable goods. For example, transported animals require special supervision by a veterinarian. There are cases when a forwarder is enough to accompany a valuable cargo, but usually there is a need to protect this type of cargo.

During the transportation of any valuable cargo, it is necessary to ensure the most safe conditions, which is the key to successful delivery to the recipient. You also need to protect the valuable cargo from mechanical damage and theft.

You need to understand that when transporting any items there are certain risks, and they can only be minimized. In order to avoid losses in case of loss or damage to property, cargo must be insured. Thus, if something happens to the cargo during transportation, the sender will receive a refund of the full value of the cargo.


Transportation of valuable goods

Supporting documentation

In order to send a valuable cargo, you need to carefully prepare all the documents. Depending on what cargo and over which territory will be transported, certificates, permits, customs documentation, insurance, an agreement with a transport company, security company and other papers may be necessary.

The client must provide all the necessary documents, otherwise the carrier company may refuse to provide transportation services. On the other hand, the company, including our company, is the company D.S.L. (DSL), can undertake the preparation of all necessary documents only if the sender himself does not have to prepare these documents. This can greatly facilitate the process of sending goods and thus the sender will avoid possible errors with the preparation of documents.


It is best to choose a vehicle for the transportation of valuable cargo can precisely the company that organizes freight transportation. Depending on where and from where it is necessary to deliver a valuable cargo, which particular cargo and what delivery time, the company will select the optimal type of transportation and ensure that the selected vehicle is reliable and that the requirements for the transportation of valuable cargo are met.

Transportation route

In addition, it is necessary to calculate and choose the best route, depending on the type of valuable cargo. This item in the preparation of transportation of valuable cargo is no less important than the previous ones, because the quality of its implementation directly affects the safety of transportation. If we are talking about the transportation of valuable cargo, then the traffic police posts, roadside cafes, gas stations and other places of possible stop / parking are taken into account.

Packaging and labeling

Before shipment, it is inspected in the presence of the person responsible for the protection, packaging and secure fixation of the cargo to provide protection against mechanical damage. The reliability of cargo fixation can be checked during the transportation process itself. It is also necessary to protect the cargo from external factors. Valuable cargo must be sealed and marked.




Security during transportation of valuable goods

When it comes to the transportation of valuable goods, usually the customer wants security in the transportation process. Security can be armed, or other professional escort services can be arranged.

Not all companies, even if they are involved in the delivery of valuable goods, can provide the necessary conditions for the transportation of special goods and provide professional security.

D.S.L. company can arrange ground delivery of valuable goods with both armed and non-armed security. The protection and escort of valuable goods is carried out by experienced specialists with special training and practice. All our guards are provided with emergency technical equipment, special protection. If necessary, they also have weapons.

If this is necessary, then valuable goods are transported in an armored vehicle that has several degrees of protection and is equipped with signaling devices. We are developing a shipping route for valuable goods as a carrier company. The route and time of delivery, the nature of the cargo and other important details are confidential information.


We are also engaged in air delivery of valuable goods. With years of experience in international air cargo and reliable partners in different countries of the world, we will organize the delivery of your cargo so that you do not have to worry about anything. 

D.S.L. (DSL) company is fully responsible for the integrity and safety of the valuable goods entrusted to us and provides maximum protection throughout the delivery.

Leave a request, call back or call us on +38 044 360 44 15 / +38 098 150 08 60 – and we will tell you more about the valuable cargo delivery service that our company provides.

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