Your attention is invited to a selection of exhibitions of exotic plants that are organized in different parts of the world. Participation in such events will help to establish new business contacts, find new markets for goods and actively develop the business.

International Exhibitions in Europe

Ziva Exotica Prague

This is an exhibition of exotic plants, insects, terrarium animals and accessories, which has been organized in the Czech Republic since 1989 and is one of the largest such events in the country. The exhibition is held monthly at various exhibition venues in Prague.

International Exhibition of Flowers and Exotic Plants Florissimo

This is a prestigious international flower exhibition, which was founded in 1980. The exhibition is held every five years in the city of Dijon in France. French and world botanical gardens, as well as private companies present exotic plants and flowers.

Flower and Plant Show Istanbul

The exhibition is organized annually in Turkey and is considered one of the most effective commercial platforms of Eurasia. In addition to a large number of flowers, materials for floriculture, seedlings and seeds, here representatives from different parts of the world present a wide selection of exotic trees. The exhibition facilitates the entry of foreign companies into the Turkish market and enables Turkish companies to demonstrate their potential.

FLORA Garden and Flower Show

This is an international exhibition, which is the only specialized event of its kind in Slovenia. At this exhibition, which is held annually in the city of Selye, the participants present the latest trends in floristry. The exhibition also presents seeds, bulbs and roots, seedlings, potted plants, ornamental plants, as well as exotic plants from many countries of the world.

Flower Autumn

Specialized exhibition, which takes place annually in the city of Plyodliv in Bulgaria. The exhibition presents a full range of products and services for landscaping. Along with this, exotic floral and ornamental plants from different parts of the world are represented here.

International Floriculture and Horticulture Trade Fair

This is an international floriculture exhibition in the city of Wiifhuisen in the Netherlands. The exhibition is considered the world’s largest flower fair, where companies from more than 115 different countries are represented. Among a wide variety of colors, exotic flowers are also on display.

International Exhibitions in the USA

Philadelphia Flower Show

The event takes place annually in Philadelphia (USA). The exhibition is the largest floristic event in the country, where stunning exhibits of leading world manufacturers are presented. Since 1829, the show has presented various varieties of plants, including many exotic ones, as well as various concepts for the garden and design.

The Tropical Plant International Expo

This is a major international trade event in the city of Ford Lauderdale in Florida (USA). Here annually demonstrate the latest trends in deciduous, floral and tropical plants, among which you can find a wide range of exotic. The international exposition presents more than 400 exhibitors from around the world.

International Exhibitions in Asia

International FloraExpo

This is a prestigious exhibition in the city of Pune in India, which has been held for more than 10 years. Annually, the event attracts about 300 companies engaged in the production of flowers, exotic plants from India and around the world. Here you can find varieties of roses, daisies and dahlias, as well as exotic species of orchids, gladioli, lilies and peonies.



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Also, air transportation is characterized by a high degree of security and ensure the safety of the goods. In addition, you can organize direct flights to deliver valuable goods to exhibitions, so that valuable goods do not go through transshipment to another side.

That is why we recommend entrusting such an expensive and perishable cargo, like exotic plants, to air transportation.


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