Museum exhibits are important cultural values that are considered a special category of cargo for transportation. This is a valuable cargo. The conditions for their documenting differ from standard goods. To avoid problematic situations, it is necessary to comply with all legislative norms, in particular, the Law of Ukraine “On the Export, Import and Return of Cultural Property”.

Both individuals and legal entities can export cultural property for a temporary period for scientific examinations or restoration work, as well as for the organization of exhibitions.


Documentation for the temporary export of cultural property abroad

The possibility of temporary removal of museum exhibits is determined by the restoration commission of the museum. Restorers should give appropriate recommendations regarding packaging features and transportation conditions for exhibits. When packing, a packing certificate must be put in each box, which is signed by the packaging manager, restorer and packer.

If exhibits from private collections are temporarily exported to the exhibition, they, like museum ones, must undergo a state examination of cultural property. If an individual refuses this, it is considered as a refusal of the applicant to export.

Museum exhibits – valuable cargo – can be taken out for temporary exhibits abroad only with a certificate of the right of export outside the territory of Ukraine issued by the State Control Service or its authorized local authorities. An application for the issuance of such a document must be filed at least one month before the moment of export abroad. The certificate clearly indicates the purpose of the removal of exhibits and the specific length of stay outside Ukraine. The decision to provide a certificate is taken only after a detailed examination.

You need to remembere that such a certificate is valid only for 6 months after the date of issue. That certificate is considered the basis for the passage of cultural property beyond the customs border of Ukraine. A certificate for the temporary removal of museum exhibits is issued free of charge.

An agreement must also be concluded with the party that accepts and organizes the exhibition. The storage and security conditions for exhibits are prescribed.


Documentation: features of crossing the customs border of Ukraine

Museum exhibits as a valuable cargo in case of temporary exportation are subject to declaration by the customs authority that controls their movement. During customs control, the presented museum exhibits are carefully checked with the information in the certificate and the photographs attached to it. Also check the list of museum items that are temporarily exported. The list should contain all the characteristic features for each item.

After returning to Ukraine, all museum exhibits that were temporarily abroad are categorically subject to a state examination. If museum exhibits were not returned within the stipulated period, they are considered to be illegally exported.




Museum exhibit insurance for temporary transportation abroad

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Ratification of the Agreement on the Export and Importation of Cultural Property”, all museum exhibits that are exported for temporary display or restoration work abroad are subject to compulsory insurance. As a rule, insurance is carried out at the expense of the party inviting to the exhibition. Most often they use the contract on the terms “wall to wall”, which is considered one of the most effective in preventing theft.

So, insurance begins at the time of removal of exhibits from a permanent place of storage and ends at the time of their return. In this way, absolutely all actions with exhibits are protected by insurance coverage: packaging, removal from the museum, transportation, installation for the exposition. Thefts and losses during transportation do not happen often, however, for safety, it is not recommended to transport all items of the same museum collection at the same time – valuable goods.


Features of the import of museum exhibits into the territory of Ukraine

Cultural property that is imported into Ukraine is subject to mandatory registration. During the import of museum exhibits, the customs authority must obtain a certificate for the right to export them from another state. At the request of the persons who transport the valuables, the customs authority can issue a confirmation of the import of exhibits with the addition of relevant photographs to the document. Customs makes such confirmations in the Electronic Register of Relocation of Cultural Property.

It is strictly forbidden to import valuables that are wanted. Customs authorities have the right to retrieve them in order to return them to their rightful owner.




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