Exotic plants are classified as valuable goods, the transportation of which is a very responsible task, the success of which depends on compliance with certain rules.


Prerequisites for the transportation of exotic plants

In order to successfully send a valuable cargo, the temperature regime and the corresponding air humidity must be observed. Through a deviation from established norms, plants lose their original appearance. High humidity leads to mold and the development of fungi on exotic plants.

Depending on the type and variety of plants, the required temperature is different. Seeds and bulbs should be transported at a temperature of + 4 to + 10 ° C, planted flowers – at a temperature of 0 to + 2 ° C. If the temperature exceeds the established norms, then this will certainly lead to dehydration of plants and their drying.

To avoid mixing odors, it is forbidden to transport other types of cargo together with exotic plants. Unloading should take place in chilled rooms (to avoid a sharp decrease in temperature).


How to pack exotic plants?

Before transporting the plants should be carefully prepared. First of all, they are packed in special boxes and boxes that are labeled accordingly. Packaging must be treated with special care, because even the slightest damage to exotic plants can lead to infection and reproduction of harmful microorganisms. If exotic plants are in pots, then they are transported in special trays with recesses. The flower buds are neatly tied with a thread and left a little open.

According to the established rules, the import of soil into Ukraine is prohibited, so the roots of exotic plants must be washed and packed in sphagnum.


Legislation for the transportation of exotic plants

In Ukraine, phytosanitary controls at the state border are established at the legislative level to protect against the penetration of dangerous pests and plant diseases. Import and export of all plants is carried out on the basis of the Law of Ukraine “On Plant Quarantine”, “Rules of Phytosanitary Control at the State Border of Ukraine”.

In order to send exotic plants, you must have a phytosanitary certificate, which is issued in the country of origin. This is a document that officially confirms the absence of pests in plants. It is also necessary to have permission from the consignee to import plants.

Customs clearance and delivery of this type of cargo occurs only by agreement with the quarantine inspector. There are times when the phytosanitary surveillance service prohibits the import of exotic plants from some countries. There are also special so-called designated areas with especially dangerous pests that cause plant disease (for example, Corsica, the Balearic Islands). From there, the import of exotic plants into Ukraine is limited.


The choice of transport for the exotic plants delivery

The fastest option that allows you to send exotic plants is air transportation. This type of product is classified as special perishable goods. Air transportation provides efficiency, which allows you to maximize the integrity of the goods. During air delivery for exotic flowers, special transport packaging is provided. This transportation option makes it possible to send exotic plants even from the most remote points of the planet.

One of the best options to send a valuable cargo is considered an automobile mode of transport. The use of refrigerators makes it possible to adhere to the appropriate temperature regime throughout the route and to protect the cargo from adverse external influences. Refrigerated or isothermal trucks are often used. This transport has a large amount of cargo space and allows you to transport plants over long distances.


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