Transportation of valuable goods is a time-consuming process that requires advance preparation. As valuable goods is considered to be high-priced items, which are not available for all consumers, delivery of precious cargoes should be carried out safely, efficiently and quickly.



Exotic plants and animals, gems and jewelery, money and securities must be in special packaging that can protect them from the impact of external factors, mechanical damage and other adverse conditions. For example, the antique furniture you need to protect from falls, friction and scratching, money – from wet and damage.



Valuable cargoes are usually transported in a special vehicle or on board of the aircraft. After qualitative packing the goods are described and if it is transported by car, the car body is sealed to ensure that unauthorized access to the goods carried is not possible. Valuable goods should be transported in an armored car with security for maximum protection. There is constant communication between the controller, driver and security during transportation of valuable goods. Security may be in the cabin of a car, which is transported the precious cargo, or in a separate vehicle.

Transportation of valuable cargoes by air is the most convenient, reliable and fast way, if you want to organize the delivery of valuable goods abroad or to other countries.



When we talk about transportation, valuable goods must be necessarily insured. It allows participants of this process to protect themselves from potential losses and risks. It is important to prescribe in the contract all possible nuances that can occur during transportation of valuable goods.






Advantages of cooperation with us:

  • a leading company in Ukraine, which provides services for international transportation of valuable goods with a guarantee of the safety and a full financial responsibility;
  • an availability of a wide network of partners around the world, specializing on the transportatiton of valuable goods;
  • an authorized partnership and insurance coverage of BRINKS Inc., which is a world leader in the area of valuable cargoes transportation;
  • an availability of own specialized transport and armed guards;
  • an availability of own insurance coverage.

Transportation of valuable goods is an important task, which is better to entrust only to professionals. D.S.L. PE specializes in the delivery of goods and provides all the necessary services for delivery your gargo safe and sound.

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