Medical equipment includes products for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. It includes therapeutic devices, tomographs, various laboratory devices, monitors for operating rooms, X-ray equipment, sterilization and dental equipment and equipment for narrow specializations.

Transportation of medical equipment is considered one of the most difficult types of cargo transportation. This is due to the fact that high-tech medical equipment has complex designs and, as a rule, a very high cost. Medical devices are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, excessive humidity and vibration during transportation. If the delivery of medical equipment does not take into account the features of its internal design, then this can lead to breakdown of equipment. Therefore, such transportation requires careful attitude and a high level of professionalism of the carrier.


General recommendations for the transport of medical equipment

Due to its high sensitivity to external influences, medical equipment requires careful packaging. In addition to the primary factory, depending on the requirements of transportation, it can be dustproof, moisture proof, hermetic and other types of packaging. Some units may require additional packaging. When moving such cargo, special lifting devices are used. Lifting and moving medical equipment is considered a special type of rigging that requires high qualifications. In transport, equipment must be fixed with special elements. Often used frame structures to protect against mechanical damage.


Customs clearance of medical equipment

Paperwork in order to deliver medical equipment has its own characteristics. Legislative acts regulate the rules and exercise control over the import of such cargo. Incorrect paperwork or disregard for legislation can cause delays in customs clearance or even cause confiscation of goods. Medical equipment can be delivered to the customs territory of Ukraine only with the appropriate registration in the State Register of Medical Equipment and Medical Devices.

Medical equipment must comply with the requirements of technical regulations and have the appropriate certificate. Import tax is paid on a common basis in accordance with the Customs Code of Ukraine. A special list of medical equipment has also been created, which can be imported at preferential rates or generally exempted from customs taxes. If the imported equipment was previously in use, it is necessary to conduct an expert assessment and obtain a conclusion on the residual value of the equipment.


Transportation of medical equipment: modes of transport

When choosing the right vehicle, first of all, it is worth considering such factors as the type of medical equipment and its exact characteristics, transportation distance and expected delivery speed. Delivery of medical equipment requires the development of a detailed logistics scheme. If it is necessary to deliver medical equipment in a short time and delivery is carried out by international transport, the best option would be air delivery. Despite the high cost, this option for transporting goods is very safe and fast. This is especially important in cases where the health and life of people depends on the availability of medical equipment.

Rail transport is beneficial to deliver medical equipment in large quantities, and automobile transport at distances of about 500 km. The latter option is convenient in that it allows you to choose the best car for a particular type of medical equipment.

Sea transport is convenient to deliver large-sized medical equipment. However, when applying this option, there is an important warning: high humidity, to which individual elements of medical equipment may be sensitive. Unless there are specific recommendations for maintaining moisture levels, maritime transport is considered cost-effective to deliver medical equipment.

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