One of the most popular and at the same time very difficult task is the delivery of industrial equipment. The complexity is determined by the specifics of the cargo, since various industrial devices and installations differ in non-standard shapes and sizes, as well as in heavy weight. Therefore, delivering industrial equipment is an individual task that requires detailed preparation.


Preparation for transportation of industrial equipment

First of all, we need to evaluate the weight and overall parameters and decide whether it is necessary to divide the equipment into separate modules for transportation. You also need to consider the presence of cargo areas, which must withstand the multi-ton weight of equipment without sagging. To deliver industrial equipment, it is necessary to select the appropriate reliable truck cranes and cargo securing systems. Rigging should be carried out by qualified specialists, since it is a question of moving industrial equipment, which can have a weight of several tons. We need rigging equipment (jacks, cables, ropes, lifting devices) of high quality for the most secure loading of equipment. Riggers must clearly follow the instructions for dismantling industrial equipment, because such work can have a high level of danger (for example, dismantling gas equipment).


Transportation of industrial equipment: organization recommendations

In order to deliver industrial equipment, it is necessary to choose only professionals, because through the high cost of equipment it is necessary to minimize the possible risks during transportation. Technologically saturated industrial equipment requires a particularly delicate approach and care in delivery. The goods must be transported in the original original packaging. If the equipment contains elements sensitive to strong vibration, they must be removed and provided with additional packaging. It is imperative to ensure the safe securing of the cargo in the vehicle.

When developing a route along which delivery of industrial equipment will be carried out, it is necessary to take into account the following factors: dimensions and weight of the cargo, delivery time, transportation distance, quality of roads along which transportation passes, the presence of road crossings with the necessary platform dimensions.

It will be convenient to deliver industrial equipment using road transport. Most often used by machines with a body length of 6 meters. Large machines are usually equipped with tail lift, which simplifies loading or unloading of industrial equipment.


Paperwork required to deliver industrial equipment

An important stage is the preparation of documents for the transportation process, which provides for the receipt of all necessary permits. Customs clearance of industrial equipment requires a careful approach to the design of all documentation. Production equipment must have a data sheet, as well as relevant certificates and permits that certify the possibility of its use in the country.

Also, transportation of industrial equipment requires consideration of the legal framework of the countries through which transportation occurs. For example, in most countries, you need to carefully study the route, if the weight of the road train with cargo exceeds 60 tons. When industrial equipment is transported, the route may change due to the detection of restrictions on highways or the excessive dimension of the road train.


D.S.L. company (DSL) delivers industrial equipment of various sizes, volumes and destinations from around the world to Ukraine and in the opposite direction. We bear full responsibility for the integrity and safety of the transported cargo, and also draw up all the necessary documentation so that the cargo passes through customs and transit zones without hindrance. We guarantee that by contacting us, you will be completely calm for your load. We look forward to collaborating!

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