Today, the foreign economic activity of domestic enterprises takes the first place in the speed of economic development. This leads to an increase in the volume of export-import operations. With such an increase in trade operations, it is important to properly establish trade relations.

It will not be a secret for anyone that wholesale purchase and sale of clothes and shoes is one of the most important trading niches. Today, more clothes and footwear are imported than are produced by Ukrainian enterprises. This is facilitated not only by the fact that there are no players left in this market, but also by loyal customs legislation that does not impose high taxes or customs duties in the case of import of such goods as imported into Ukraine.

In the wholesale trade in clothing and footwear, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the fashion world is very changeable, therefore collections must be delivered at the scheduled time, as well as in perfect condition. This creates the need for special organizational and technical solutions in the area of warehousing and transportation, since the cargo must be of marketable condition. Immediately before transporting clothes, hangers and special packaging should be allocated for each item to prevent bruising and contamination.

If large quantities of clothing are transported, in this case it is better to transport the goods in special containers. For self-determination of the amount of duty on imported goods when crossing the border, you can use the clothing classification to determine the customs code. Therefore, clothing can be divided into the following groups:

  • Knitted clothes and additional things, as well as products are knitted by hand (code UKTVED 61)
  • No-knitted clothing (code UKTVED 62)
  • Children’s clothes (code UKTVED 6111 and 6209).

In the case of transportation of shoes there aer also some characteristics. It should be very carefully and securely pack the goods to exclude the possibility of damage to the presentation and to preserve the integrity of both the product and its packaging. Therefore, as in the case of clothing, the rational solution would be to place shoe products in special containers. Containers can be equipped with shelves, if they are not, then such goods must be packaged in additional packaging materials to protect the goods.



In order to deliver clothes from abroad, you can use different types of transportation – aviation, automobile, sea. The choice of transport depends on the volume and dimensions of the goods, the distance of transportation, the urgency of delivery, the available budget.

If the geographical location of the point of departure and the point of delivery, as well as the temporary terms allow us to organize the carriage of goods by road, then the clothes are delivered in vans, on-board awning cars or in containers. Inside the container for transporting clothes, goods can be placed on pallets, in boxes, boxes or in other convenient packaging.

For road transport of clothes, a clothes carrier is often used – a transport in the form of a trailer, semi-trailer or truck specially adapted for transporting clothes. Inside such a garment carrier there is usually a special internal design – metal bars mounted on the side walls, which serve as hangers. Clothes on hangers, pre-packaged in any protective material, are hung on the rod and thus transported in the most tidy state. After delivery of the cargo, the van body is completely disinfected.





It is important to remember that if clothes and shoes are transported without packaging, the recipient has the right to send the goods back to the sender. Another point to which attention should be paid is the certification of the transported goods. Clothing and footwear delivered by a vehicle must be certified. Also, when receiving the goods, make sure that on each product you receive there is a label with all the information necessary for the recipient.




If you need to organize the delivery of clothing from China, then it is best to use the services of sea transport and deliver the goods by container ship. This type of delivery will significantly reduce costs, but the delivery time may be delayed for several weeks or even months.




You can quickly deliver goods from Europe, Asia or another part of the world, of course, by organizing the delivery of cargo by air. Usually, clothes and shoes are transported on board the aircraft in containers, well packaged, with all the necessary markings. The value of the speed of delivery is difficult to overestimate. After all, the faster you get the goods, the sooner you can realize it and, accordingly, make a profit.

Therefore, we advise you to think carefully about what exactly is your priority – the speed or cost of delivery, and make your choice, taking into account also the distance that the load will have to overcome.


“D.S.L.” company is ready to help you with the organization of any type of cargo delivery, choosing the most optimal option. Rely on our many years of experience and allow yourself not to worry: we will do our job efficiently and on time. You can find out all the information you are interested in by calling us, writing an e-mail or leaving a request on the site.

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