The United States of America (USA) is today one of the leading countries in international trade. Goods and services that are produced in the United States are of high quality and are respected in the international arena. Ukraine is one of the main US trade partners with CIS countries. Commodity transportation to Ukraine from the USA today is gaining more and more popularity. In the commodity structure of imports of goods from the United States to Ukraine, the main article is vehicles, household goods, clothing and footwear, machine-tractor equipment for various purposes and spare parts for various types of equipment. The main part of exports from Ukraine to the USA is mainly the products of the agrarian sector and the metallurgical complex.


Features of the organization of cargo delivery from the USA to Ukraine

It should be noted that the delivery of goods from the United States to Ukraine is not carried out by all logistics companies, because there are a number of features and difficulties. These difficulties include US law, which is different in each state. As well as issues of national security, which in this country are among the priorities and of course also apply to international transport. A feature of the transportation of goods from the United States are strict weight limits. When organizing the delivery of goods from the United States, it is necessary to take into account the seasonality of goods and market features.


TSA data base

Before sending goods, it is necessary to check the status of the US sender – the seller of goods – in the database of the US Transportation Security Service (TSA data base). Many of them receive the status of “known sender” (“Known Shipper” or “Secured Shipper”). This means that the cargo of this company can be sent by regular passenger flights. It ends up much cheaper and faster than cargo flights.

If the sender in the TSA data base has the “Rejected” status, then cargo from this American company cannot be sent by passenger flights from the USA. According to the provisions of the US Transportation Security Service, goods of such a company can only be shipped by cargo flights.


Preparation of documents

When sending goods to the United States, it is necessary to take a very responsible approach to the issue of filling transport documentation in order to speed up the process of cargo delivery. It is necessary to attach a commercial invoice to the transport documentation, which is filled out exclusively in English. When filling out this invoice should pay special attention to a clear and complete description of the goods, you need to avoid common phrases. It also indicates the country of origin of goods, the importer’s EIN and the goods and services codes of UKTVED. The contact details of the recipient will be useful, which help save time if you have questions.


Food and Drug Administration

In the USA, there is a supervisory authority, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which controls and regulates and supervises food products, dietary supplements, drugs, vaccines, cosmetics, and veterinary products. This should be taken into account in the case of the importation of such goods into the United States. Every product that is controlled by the FDA must be electronically scanned before being imported into the United States. First, detailed statements of products controlled by the FDA are entered into the US Customs and Border Protection Service (CBS). At the same time, according to the UKTVED code for each product, the following actions are determined, which must be performed in accordance with all import requirements.


Shipping options

Cargo transportation to and from the USA is carried out by air and sea transport. Quite often, air delivery can be combined with delivery by road or train. In this case, the cargo is delivered by plane to one of the airports in Europe, and then – by truck or train to the destination.



Air delivery is very popular and this is explained by the fact that the United States has the most developed air traffic. There are more than 5 thousand modern airports in the country. In order to deliver cargo from the USA by air transport, it takes an average of 3-5 days. Cargo can be sent both on passenger flights (if we are talking about small volumes), and on cargo airliners (if you need to deliver bulk shipments of goods).

The undeniable advantage of air freight is that thanks to it, you can deliver quickly perishable goods, fragile goods, plants and even animals as soon as possible. Considering the fact that the cargo is securely attached, due to which there is no external impact, as well as mechanical impact, this type of transportation can be considered the safest for such kind of cargo.


Delivery of goods by sea from the United States is organized in the event that it is non-urgent goods. There are about 300 ports in the United States, making the United States the first in the world in terms of the volume of goods that are delivered by sea transport.

The main ports are located in Los Angeles, Boston, Baltimore, Detroit, Miami, New Orleans, Alaska. The largest US ports are the port of Los Angeles, Long Beach in California and the port of New York. It is in New York is the largest US port, which converge 170 international shipping lines. Goods to Europe are also shipped from the port of Houston. Cargo goes through the Panama Canal to Rotterdam (Holland) or Hamburg (Germany). As in the case of air delivery, delivery by sea can be combined with auto delivery.


“D.S.L.” company organizes for over ten years the delivery of goods around the world. We know the peculiarities of the American legislation, we have reliable American partners and are able to select the optimal method of transportation, based on your wishes, possibilities and needs.

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