Ukrainian manufacturers expand production and import equipment and spare parts. This is an important article of the economy and accounts for 50% of all imported goods.

It should be remembered that for the importation of equipment and spare parts into the territory of our country it is necessary to prepare a package of documents. This may include the following documents:

  • foreign trade agreement;
  • invoice;
  • loading and customs declaration;
  • packing list.

You may also need:

  • expert opinion;
  • full description of equipment or spare parts;
  • technical documentation;
  • drawings and diagrams;
  • operating conditions.




Meanwhile, it should be borne in mind that  transportation of equipment and spare parts from the manufacturer to the recipient requires proper packaging and fixation. Taking into account the specifics of the design of technological equipment, you need to approach the issue very carefully, because besides the technical passport, you also need to provide a certificate of conformity and permission, which make it possible to use equipment or spare parts in Ukraine.

By export or import a part of equipment, it is necessary to draw up documentation for individual components. Please note that it may take a long time to collect the necessary documents (certificates, permits and specifications), so you need to take care of this in advance.

If the equipment or spare parts are non-standard, then it is desirable to require detailed documentation from the manufacturer. In the case of customs documentation for equipment or spare parts that have already been in use, an expert assessment is required from the appropriate expert organization, which will provide an opinion on the residual value.

Transportation of sensitive equipment, for example, computer equipment or electrical equipment, requires careful adherence to the rules of transportation in order to exclude and prevent damage to the cargo. That is, for reliability, such cargo should be transported in hermetic original packaging. By temporarily importing equipment or spare parts into the customs territory of Ukraine, the cargo is fully exempted from paying taxes and fees. But the only condition must be satisfied: such a load must be exported to the established lines without changing its state.




Equipment or spare parts are delivered to Ukraine or from Ukraine by air liners in a disassembled condition or, if possible, in assembly condition. The choice of route is determined by the economic feasibility or the conditions of the legislation that governs international freight transport.

If you are wondering how to transport equipment or parts by plane, “D.S.L.” (ДСЛ) company will help you find the answer. With years of experience in international air cargo and reliable partners in different countries of the world, we will organize the delivery of your cargo so that you do not have to worry about anything. Just contact us: write, call or leave a request on the site.

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