More recently, United Arab Emirates (UAE) was a very poor country, but oil deposits have provided a rapid growth of the economy of the UAE. Other sectors of the economy are also developing quite rapidly, especially foreign trade.

UAE is located in the north east of the Arabian Peninsula, which is washed by the Persian Gulf. Here are combined western and eastern trade routes. But since today this country is the spiritual center of the Muslim world, this fact dictates its own rules of transportation. Strict laws can not affect most of the areas of activity in this country, including the organization of international transport of goods. Here they carefully monitor the observance of religious rites and customs of Islam. Therefore, by planning international shipping to the Emirates, it is necessary to take into account the national holidays of the country, which are very long.




Transport infrastructure

UAE implements the best solutions in terms of international transport logistics. The necessary storage facilities and the corresponding transport infrastructure allow the international business to provide fast and, most importantly, reliable shipment of the respective cargo, regardless of the volume. The country has created the most profitable scheme for the importation of goods and the diversion of commodity flows. The turnover of the UAE is growing significantly every year and has long crossed the billion mark. Experts believe that in the future, it will continue to grow, due to a sharp increase in re-export.

Thanks to government innovations that have accelerated the exchange procedure, export and import lines have decreased significantly. The absence of customs duties and the presence of non-taxable economic zones in the country ensure the introduction of active trade. The Emirates have a number of high requirements for the design of transport and international documentation, which is necessary for the delivery of international cargo to the UAE. Therefore, the best solution for private freight traffic will be to seek help from specialized logistics companies.




The most reliable and fast way of cargo delivery is air transportation. Moreover, in the UAE there are six international airports. The airport in Dubai is considered the largest transport hub, to which cargo flocks from all over the world.

“D.S.L.” company provides international air delivery of goods to the UAE. Cooperating with proven air carriers with modern air technology, we are guaranteed to deliver intact and safe any cargo: valuable, fragile, urgent, requiring special transportation conditions, etc. We will help you how to send cargo from Ukraine to the Emirates, and vice versa – to get cargo from the UAE in Ukraine. Our partners – transport companies in the UAE, will take all the necessary actions on the spot for the successful shipment of goods from the UAE:

  • Receiving cargo from the sender
  • Quality control of loading
  • Preparation of necessary documents (airway bill, insurance policy, export declaration or ATA Carnet book)


“D.S.L.” company is fully responsible for the integrity and safety of cargoes during their air transportation from Ukraine to the UAE and from the UAE to Ukraine. We completely control the whole process of air transportation and always have information on what stage of delivery your cargo is.

More detailed information you can get for the phone numbers on the website, ordering a callback, sending us an application or writing an e-mail.

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