For the transportation of pharmaceutical preparations, one must take into account a number of features of this kind of cargo. Pharmaceutical products are especially valuable. The features of pharmaceuticals (medicines) are, first of all, the fragility of this cargo, as well as the temperature conditions that are necessary for saving their properties. It is necessary to provide conditions for the preservation of packege safety, and even more so the properties of this cargo. If all the conditions of safe transportation of pharmaceutical products are met, then the customer receives a safe product, and the shipper does not incur any loss.

For reliable transportation of medicines, an equipped cargo compartment is allocated, in which sterile cleanliness must be mandatory. Any transportation of pharmaceuticals involves their protection from the effects of precipitation, dirt, direct sunlight, dust.




As mentioned above, medicine is a fragile load. The highest degree of reliable transportation is carried out through the use of durable packaging that protects the goods well. This can be corrugated cardboard or air bubble film. All medicines must be transported in well-packed containers that comply with regulatory and technical documentation and ensure their safety throughout their period of consumption indicated on the package.

Marking is a prerequisite. Labeled packaging, which is used during the delivery of pharmaceutical products, speeds up the processes of loading and unloading, as well as the act of acceptance of goods.




Temperature rules

There are general temperature rules for the proper pharmaceuticals transportation. Usually, medications are delivered in specially equipped refrigerated containers that allow you to set the temperature. It is also very important to control the level of humidity. To ensure safe transportation and the safety of pharmaceutical products, special microclimatic systems, including thermal control systems, have been created. They are fixed to the walls of the refrigerator or on the packaging container and react even to minor temperature fluctuations.

Psychotropic or potent pharmaceuticals should be transported only in sealed refrigerators.


“D.S.L.” company provides air delivery of pharmaceutical products throughout the world. We take full responsibility for the goods entrusted to us, so the international delivery of drugs will not make you worry.

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