The problem of Ukraine in the context of air cargo transportation is related to the fact that we do not have a single cargo terminal specializing in perishable products. This is a gap in the market that businessmen are now trying to fill. This was told by Vladimir Shulmeister, who heads the direction “Infrastructure” of the analytical center of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future.

“There are specific investors who are interested in this business. Opportunities are being studied and negotiations are underway. I saw a similar terminal in Azerbaijan. Now, Nikolaev Airport, with the support of the regional state administration, is trying to return all the permits for air transportation that it was deprived of due to a long period of inactivity. As an option, the project of opening a logistics terminal at the Nikolaev airport for freight transportation is being considered, “he said.

The expert added that refrigerators should be built for perishable products. The project is long in terms of time and investment. But there are goods whose demand for transportation has long been formed: knitwear, spare parts made of metal.

Also V. Schulmeister is sure that it is possible to restore domestic air transportation.

“To do this, you need to raise the price of travel to Hyundai, because the flight time, taking into account registration on board the aircraft, is quite comparable to railway travel, but the prices differ significantly. First of all, it would be advisable to raise the price of travel in Intercity class 1. Interest by 30 -40. And the money will appear for repairs and the purchase of trains, and the aviators will receive more passengers. This is precisely the task for the National Commission for the Regulation of Tariffs on Transport. This is the work of the Ministry of Infrastructure, unfortunately, which has not yet been done, “stated the analyst.


Source: Proposytsiia

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