UIC is a subsidiary intermodal enterprise in Ukraine of the German company Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) that will be engaged in container transportation by rail between the Port of Odessa and other economic centers of the country.

HHLA operates the largest container terminal in Ukraine, located in the port of Odessa. The company, which actively cooperates with private terminals, has a railway terminal, where container block trains are already being formed.

In recent years, Ukrainian ports have developed very dynamically. Last year, the capacity of the Black Sea port of Odessa increased by 8.5% to almost 650,000 TEU. However, only 22% of containers arriving at ports are transported by rail. By comparison, at the port of Hamburg, the railways take 46% of the containers, which makes supplies cheaper and cleaner given the greenness of the railways.

UIC, which is starting to assemble and ship entire container trains, sees great prospects for itself. Until now, the Ukrainian railway on domestic routes sent, at best, several cars with containers as part of hybrid trains, to which they simultaneously clung to gondola cars, tanks, etc.

From the beginning of October, UIC started sending one container train between Odessa and Ternopil. In November, there will be two more weekly trains from Odessa to Kharkiv and Zaporizhia. The UIC also expects to take part in shipments between China and the EU, which have recently become more frequent via Ukraine. Although Belarus is considered the main transit country, the country’s railways are already overloaded with trains from the New Silk Road, experts say. Therefore, Ukraine will definitely take on at least part of the traffic. The volume of traffic between Europe and Asia on Ukrainian tracks is expected to increase by about 20% annually.


Source: RailFreight

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