A reliable freight forwarder company

A reliable freight forwarder company is an organizer of cargo transportation. In fact, it is an intermediary between the sender and the recipient of goods. High-quality forwarding services facilitate the process of transportation of goods, so customers receive transportation at a favorable price and at a convenient time.

The freight transport market is oversaturated with various transport services provided by numerous freight forwarders. In order to avoid misunderstandings during the transportation of goods and the process of their customs clearance, it is worthwhile to responsibly choose a reliable forwarding company.

When choosing a forwarding company, you should familiarize yourself with the list of forwarding services that you can get. In general, freight forwarders carry out the following tasks:

– provide optimal transportation of various goods. At the same time, the necessary delivery time is taken into account, a route is developed and the optimal mode of transport is selected;

– solve problems associated with sorting, storage of goods, as well as warehousing of goods while waiting for export or transit;

– engaged in providing security for goods during transportation or storage;

– carry out the examination of goods, insurance and draw up the necessary goods and transport documentation;

– provide financial settlement with transport organizations and ports for the transportation and storage of goods;

– control the timely payment of customs duties and excise taxes.


General recommendations for choosing a reliable freight forwarder company

Be sure to sign a contract with the forwarding company, in which it is necessary to specify in detail all the conditions for organizing the transportation of goods: a list of services provided, time of delivery of the goods and the final cost of the services provided.

Find out if the freight forwarder company has previously worked with similar goods.

Learn about the company’s experience in the transportation market. The more experience, the more prepared the company is to solve complex problems or situations that may arise.

Ask for feedback and recommendations about the company. You can even issue a request to key partners of the company to receive a letter of recommendation. If the freight forwarder company has established cooperation with large companies, then this may be proof of its reliability;

Find out how many certified workers are in the forwarding company. If possible, take an interest in what certificates or awards they received to ensure the professionalism of company representatives.

High-quality forwarding services can only be provided by a company with specialists who know all the legal issues for the proper execution of supporting documentation. From the professionalism of the forwarding company depends on the timing of cargo handling during all customs procedures.

A reliable freight forwarder company, which is well acquainted with the specifics of cargo clearance, provides its customers time savings. Indeed, due to the correct documentation, the goods are not delayed in warehouses or customs, but are transported in a timely and quick manner.

Ask if the freight forwarder is a member of relevant international organizations. Membership in international organizations can testify to the financial stability and integrity of the company.

Look at the website of the forwarding company and analyze its contents. If the site has convenient navigation and a lot of information is freely available, this may indicate the openness of the company and the desire to provide the client with an information resource.

Pay attention to whether the company’s contacts are indicated on the website (phone, office address). This will help protect against fraud and shell organizations. Also, a reliable freight forwarder company should provide the customer with information about the location of its goods without any problems.

Pay attention to the quality and clarity of the comprehensive advice provided by the forwarder company. Comprehensive consultations, at which you receive answers to all questions, can indicate a high level of responsibility of company employees and guarantee high-quality forwarding services.

Be sure to analyze the pricing policy of the selected forwarding company and find out if it matches the market conditions. At the stage of signing the contract, require justification of each item of expenses in order to get the most transparent financial calculation, quality forwarding services and avoid unforeseen additional costs.

It is also worthwhile to find out if the forwarder company has a network of representative offices in your country and abroad.

For efficient cargo transportation, we advise you to use the selected recommendations to find out as much as possible all the details and choose a really reliable forwarder company.


Partnership with D.S.L. (DSL) company

D.S.L. (DSL) company has been organizing international freight transportations for more than 10 years. All our employees have the necessary experience and practical skills, which are confirmed by relevant certificates and licenses. We, as a reliable freight forwarder company, are fully responsible for the implementation.

We work efficiently and efficiently, we find an individual approach to each client, we offer mutually beneficial conditions for business cooperation. You can order freight transportation with delivery to Ukraine from Europe, America, Asia and in the opposite direction.

For a long time working in the market, D.S.L. (DSL) company has earned the trust and respect of not only customers, but also large foreign transport companies. Strong partnerships with foreign logistics structures make it possible to effectively carry out international freight transportation to any destination.

If you need help organizing international freight transportation – leave a requestrequest a callback or call us +38 044 360 44 15 / +38 098 150 08 60

We will work through all possible delivery options, advise you and choose the best one. International freight transportations, and especially air freight transportations, are our specialty. We will be happy to help you!

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