Electronic equipment belongs to goods with high fragility. The quality of transportation of such products directly affects its performance. Transportation of computer equipment requires a responsible approach and the most careful observance of the rules for the delivery of goods in a holistic and intact state.

In order to deliver the equipment, it must be carefully packed before transportation. Such cargo is transported exclusively in its original packaging. Packaging should ensure the integrity of the cargo and protect it from mechanical damage at all stages of loading and unloading. Polyfoam is often placed between boxes of cargo; there must be a proper fastening so that during transportation the goods do not move around the vehicle. If the equipment is very sensitive to vibration during traffic, additional packaging must be provided.


Features of marking electronic equipment

Fragile goods (for example, monitors for computers) are marked with a black glass symbol on the package. This image means Caution. Fragile ”, which is understood by all who transport cargo during various stages of international transportation. Another symbol in the marking is a black umbrella with droplets. This image means that the cargo must be protected from moisture. Also on the packaging are clearly written: “Caution”, “Electrical appliance”. It is necessary to exclude moisture ingress, therefore the transportation of electronics should occur only in covered vehicles. For server equipment during all stages of transportation, it is necessary to maintain a special microclimate, namely, carefully monitor temperature and humidity. Dust, condensation, and sudden changes in temperature can cause the breakdown of individual parts or entire equipment.


Temporary importation

In Ukrainian legislation, there is the concept of temporary importation of goods, which provides for a special customs regime for products imported only for a certain period of time. Such cargo is exempted from the need to pay taxes. For example, such rules apply to technical equipment that is imported to participate in an exhibition. Such equipment must be removed from the country within a clearly defined time frame, and it must not be damaged.


Choosing a method of transporting electronic equipment

In order for the delivery of electronic equipment to be successful and safe, you need to carefully consider the transportation route and choose the appropriate mode of transport. When choosing vehicles, factors such as the type of electronic equipment and its technical characteristics, the distance of transportation and the time requirements for delivery should be taken into account.

If we talk about the possible risks when choosing a particular transport type, the option of transportation by sea has an important warning: during transportation, a high level of moisture is possible, which can be sensitive electronic equipment. Road transport is not very suitable for transporting electronic equipment that is sensitive to vibrations, especially with poor quality road surfaces.


How to deliver electronic equipment from abroad

The best option for delivering electronic equipment from one country to another is air transport, because it allows you to receive cargo in a short time. With air delivery, the influence of external factors such as temperature and moisture is minimal, which is very important for electronic equipment. To deliver cargo by air is a transportation method that ensures strict observance of time parameters, due to which the customer receives the goods on time. You can also send cargo by air from the most remote places where there is no other connection option. The option to deliver cargo by air facilitates customs control issues, which need to be passed only when loading and unloading goods from an airplane. This is especially important for international traffic, in which the borders of several countries cross.


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