Refrigeration equipment must be delivered with extreme caution, as even minor shocks or vibrations can damage the mechanism or electronics. Transportation of refrigeration equipment has certain features and requirements for maintaining the integrity and further successful operation of the equipment.


Refrigeration equipment delivery: general rules

To deliver refrigeration equipment without problems, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules written in the instructions for it. Most often, there are two marks on the equipment packaging or in the instructions: two up arrows and a black glass. The first mark means that the transport company must deliver refrigeration equipment exclusively in an upright position. The second mark indicates the fragility of the goods in the box.

Most manufacturers recommend that refrigeration equipment be delivered vertically. This is due to the fact that the network of tubes in the refrigeration equipment is configured so that freon flows down to the engine and rises up under its pressure. If this does not happen, the engine may burn out.

If there is no possibility of vertical transportation, then it is desirable that the angle of inclination is not more than 40 degrees. If refrigeration equipment is still carried lying down, then be sure to ensure that the compressor tube is located on top. Also, do not put such a technique on the back wall.

It is best to deliver refrigerated equipment in its original packaging. Additionally, air bubble film, foam and strong cardboard are used.


Transportation of refrigeration equipment: selection of a vehicle

Since refrigeration equipment has different dimensions, it is important to choose the right vehicle with the appropriate body volume. When transporting, the refrigerator must be well secured with straps and stops to avoid falling or shifting.

The carrier must avoid sudden braking on the road in order to protect the equipment from strong vibrations and possible falls. When transporting refrigeration equipment to transport or unloading, rigging belts should be used.


Industrial refrigeration equipment

Oversized industrial refrigeration equipment is usually transported disassembled. All accessories and shelves are removed, after which each element is carefully packed to avoid damage. The case of such a refrigerator itself can be transported and placed in transport only vertically.


Shop windows

Before transporting refrigerated display cases, moving parts must be removed from them. With special care, glass parts should be packed in packing tape so that they do not break during transport.

It should be remembered that plexiglass, from which many elements of refrigerated display cases are often made, is very sensitive to scratches. Therefore, it should also be packaged with extreme care. For reliable transfer and loading of the housing itself, you must use the appropriate reliable belts.


Recommendations before using refrigeration equipment

After the delivery of refrigeration equipment, do not immediately turn it on. On the contrary, you need to let it stand for 3-4 hours off, so that freon disperses throughout the system. If you have to deliver refrigeration equipment in the winter, it is recommended to wait a day and only then start operating the equipment.


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