Turkmenistan (Republic of Turkmenistan) is located in Central Asia. The state has common borders with Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In the west, Turkmenistan is washed by the waters of the Caspian Sea. The favorable geographical location provides the country with significant potential in the field of transit freight traffic.

Turkmenistan is an industrial-agrarian country in which the oil-producing and oil-refining industries, machine building, light and food industries are actively developing. Natural gas is actively extracted. Due to the large reserves of oil and gas in the international arena, Turkmenistan is considered an important exporter of natural resources. At this stage of economic development, Turkmenistan exports a large amount of gas to Russia, which resells it to European consumers.

In agriculture, most of the country’s land is used for growing cotton. Turkmenistan is one of the ten largest world producers of this material. Melons, grapes, corn and various vegetables are also actively grown. In livestock, the leading role belongs to sheep.

The main export items of Turkmenistan include oil, gas, cotton, silk, leather raw materials. Most of all they import equipment, ferrous metals, electrical goods, sugar, chemicals. The main trading partners of Turkmenistan are Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China, Ukraine.


Development of trade and economic partnership between Ukraine and Turkmenistan

For mutually beneficial cooperation between countries, the contractual framework is well developed. Immediately after the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1992, a basic Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation was signed between the countries. Since 1994, the Free Trade Agreement entered into force. The interstate program of trade and economic cooperation is functioning.

Ukrainian-Turkmen economic relations are negatively affected by conflicts between Russia and Ukraine. The Russian side is actively blocking transit traffic through its territory. Despite certain difficulties, Ukraine and Turkmenistan are interested in mutual trade and economic relations, which have significant potential for development. The Turkmen market attracts Ukrainian food producers. Turkmenistan is interested in the supply of food and industrial goods.

The main Ukrainian export goods to Turkmenistan are ferrous metals, dairy and cheese products, medicines, sugar, various equipment, plant seeds. The most imported from Ukraine to Turkmenistan are fuel materials, oil, polymeric materials, cotton, carpet products, and consumer goods.


How to deliver cargo from Turkmenistan

Air freight

When transporting goods from Turkmenistan, it is necessary to take into account the transit restrictions that Russia imposed due to military-political circumstances. The delivery of goods through Russian territory by rail and road has become difficult.

The fastest way to deliver the goods is by air. This option is optimal for small and urgent loads (for example, goods that quickly deteriorate, or medications). The main advantages of air delivery from Turkmenistan are speed, reliability and safety. There are three airports in Turkmenistan that are able to efficiently handle large consignments: Ashgabat, Mary and Turkmenbashi. The largest airport in the country is Ashgabat. Here, the cargo terminal has a large storage room and is capable of handling more than 200 thousand tons of various cargoes throughout the year. Air cargo flights depart regularly from this airport. Thanks to its relatively recent restoration, Turkmenbashi Airport has a cargo terminal equipped with a new automated cargo handling system.


Multimodal container transportation

An alternative and cheaper way to deliver goods from Turkmenistan is multimodal container transportation. That is, we mean the transportation of goods under one contract, but using several types of transport. From Turkmenistan, such transportations are carried out by the international TRACECA route (transport corridor for the transport of goods “Europe-Caucasus-Asia”). From the port of Turkmenbashi the cargo is transported through the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, and Georgia to the ports of the Black Sea. The Turkmenbashi port itself is called the “sea gate” that connects Europe and Asia, acting as a large transit center in the region. This option of cargo delivery allows you to transport goods by rail and road. Usually this delivery is longer and takes about 10 days.


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