Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world and the second country in the world after the territory of Russia. It borders with the United States and has maritime borders with France. Canada has access to the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans, which is a very advantageous advantage for international traffic and makes it possible to establish trade links with both neighboring countries and with quite distant ones.



Canada is one of the richest countries in the world, which has quite substantial reserves of fuel resources, such as natural gas and oil. Today, Canada is one of the few countries in the world that is an energy exporter in the world.

The Canadian economy is sufficiently developed and integrated into the global economy and is very dependent on foreign trade relations. Foreign economic relations are well-established with many countries of the world, but most of them come from the United States, ¾ of exports fall on the United States and 2/3 of imports come from the United States.



As for trade and economic cooperation between Canada and Ukraine, it is governed by the Free Trade Agreement of August 01, 2017. The provision of the Free Trade Agreement is ensured by deepening trade and economic cooperation.

There is also the Canadian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, which is creating favorable conditions for trade and investment between Ukraine and Canada. As of 2018, bilateral trade in goods and services between Canada and Ukraine increased and amounted to total exports of 164.5 million dollars, and imports – 344.8 million dollars. The structure of exports of goods from Ukraine to Canada is dominated by ferrous metals and copper, while the structure of imports is oil products, fish and seafood.



Canada has been the export leader for over 100 years. Canada’s products have always been distinguished by the innovativeness of products, that is, it is difficult to find other world analogues. Popular products that are exported are seafood, fish, beans, lentils, automotive components and vehicles, watercraft, agricultural machinery, medicines, routers. Canada also has the highest export of wheat and grain in the world.

Canada imports mainly: sunflower oil, butter, honey, pipes, lumber, textiles, anthracite and more. The fact that these goods are imported to Canada does not mean at all that there is a shortage in the country or there is no possibility to manufacture the necessary products. The thing is that imports are cheaper and more profitable, and also allows significant savings on labor and equipment.





Canada’s turnover is well regulated. For this, the country has a well-organized and well-functioning transport system, which is at a sufficiently high level of development. Given the location of Canada, the fastest and best way to deliver cargo will be air delivery. Especially in the country there are approximately 300 local airports and 10 international destinations. The airports with the largest cargo turnover are located in the very center of the country (Vancouver, Toronto, Edmond, Calgary and others).

If you need to transport large shipments of cargo or bulky goods, then the best option would be shipping. In Canada, there are about 200 ports that allow you to deliver cargo to anywhere in the country. Especially throughout Canada, channels have been built through which it is very convenient to deliver containers to different parts of the country. All ports in the country are equipped with a fairly large number of container terminals. The largest are in Toronto, Vancouver and St. John’s.


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