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Transportation of furniture for offices and enterprises is today a very popular form of transportation abroad. But, as with any type of cargo, the international transportation of furniture has its own features.



First of all, you need to bear in mind that furniture is a very demanding load that is easily damaged.

Before the transportation of such a cargo, its condition and the size of the furniture should be assessed. If there is a need or possibility, the large-sized furniture can be transported in a disassembled state.

A must-have item for transporting furniture is careful packaging, in order to avoid various possible damages. For packing furniture you can usee such materials as cardboard, bubble wrap, thick fabric.

Upholstered furniture will require a special approach. In order not to damage and stain the upholstery, it is advisable to tighten them with a slick.



Leather furniture is undesirable to be transported in winter, because genuine leather does not tolerate the effects of frost: if leather furniture is kept cold for a long time, then it can simply burst. Therefore, during the transportation of leather furniture, upholstery must be protected from the cold with blankets and to minimize its time spent outside the heated room. After leather furniture is delivered to a new room, it is strongly not recommended to unpack it immediately – it should stand wrapped up for an hour and a half so that the skin warms up without a sharp jump in temperature, gradually.





Documents for the transportation of furniture for offices and enterprises across the border should be carefully checked. After all, in case of errors or inaccuracies, the cargo may be delayed or even moved to the warehouse, which will lead not only to time costs, but also to additional costs.

If the furniture is transported from the manufacturer, then the required documents for customs clearance will be a certificate of quality and a certificate of conformity.



Cargo can be delivered in different ways, it all depends on the wishes of the client.

International air transportation of furniture is the fastest and most reliable way to help avoid cargo damage. But a significant disadvantage of this type of transportation is its cost.

The most economical option that is best suited for transporting large and bulky goods is the delivery of furniture by sea. The main disadvantage of transporting furniture by sea is the duration of such transportation.

Furniture delivery can be performed as a groupage cargo – this will significantly reduce transportation costs.


Regardless of whether you are planning a full-fledged office relocation to another country or you need to send a small amount of furniture or office equipment abroad, we will find the best solution for you!

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