On April 19-22 in Shenzhen, China, will host the International Exhibition of Gold, Jewelry and Precious Stones. The exhibition is held three times a year, beginning in 2003. A feature of this exhibition is that the first two days the exhibition is open only for professionals, the last two days – for the general public.

Thanks to the professional experience of the well-known organizer of international exhibitions in Asia, UBM Asia Group, and with the support of the China Gold Association, the exhibition of gold, jewelery and precious stones of China International Gold, Jewelery & Gem Fair-Shenzhen for the years of its history (since 2003 Year) became the leading jewelry exhibition of East China.

There were 400 exhibitors, 12800 visitors from 76 countries and regions of the world, 300 guests and more than 140 representatives of local and foreign mass media in the previous exhibition in 2016. This year, the 15th China International Gold, Jewelery & Gem Fair 2017 Shenzhen exhibition in Shenzhen will showcase new products, the latest trends and services of the jewelry industry from the world’s best manufacturers and designers.

Thousands of specialists and buyers from China and foreign countries try not to miss this event, which offers a rich selection of luxury, elegant, fashionable and beautiful jewelry, products, jewelry and accessories at face value, as well as a wide range of colored gemstones, diamonds, gold, Silver, professional tools and products. A series of such jewelry exhibitions is held by UBM Asia Group also in Hong Kong, India, Japan, Turkey.


If you are interested in participating in this exhibition, D.S.L. company will organize internatioonal transportation of valuable goods: gold, jewelry and precious stones.

D.S.L. company is solely responsible for the integrity and security of valuable goods and provides maximum protection throughout the delivery.

Leave a request, request a callback or call us +38 044 360 44 15 / +38 098 150 08 60 – and we will tell you more about the service of transportation of valuable goods offered by our company.

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