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One of the most popular items of transportation are valuable goods. Delivery of such goods should always be organized taking into account the characteristics of the items being transported and with proper security and safety.

Valuable goods is quite extensive concept, which includes valuable, fragile and easily beating objects. Delivery of jewelry, antiques, art objects, precious stones and metals, securities, etc. is every time a laborious unique organizational process, because every valuable cargo is a unique cargo. For example, antiques. What are the features of transportation of antique valuables by terrestrial transport?


Terrestrial transportations of antiques

Antiques are all ancient art objects that have historical value. Antique items include interior items (furniture, paintings, dishes, etc.), as well as objects of culture (books, music scores, old icons, etc.). Such valuable goods require special delivery conditions.

For the organization of safe transportation, it is necessary first of all to determine which type of package will be able to protect the cargo as efficiently as possible, how to place the load in the body of the car and how to transfer it without damaging it. Large loads can be packed in cardboard or in dense soft tissues. Smaller and brittle objects are convenient to transport in wooden or metal boxes filled with polyurethane foam, thus protecting the cargo from any mechanical damage.


Transportation of antique furniture

By transportation of antique furniture you need to take into account the fact that, antique furniture, as a rule, is made of solid wood arrays, and the older the furniture, the undesirable is the dismantling. Therefore, the furniture items are transported in special vans, the body of which is internally covered with soft material and has fasteners and belts. Objects of furniture in the van should be placed in such a way that during transportation they do not come into contact, which means that they did not get scratches, cracks or chips. Also it is worth remembering that almost all furniture should be transported only in a vertical or horizontal state.


Insurance of antiques for the period of transportation

 No matter how experienced the driver was, no matter how well the route of transportation was thought out, no one is immune from force majeure. Therefore, it is better to insure the carrier’s liability and the cargo which will be transported.


“D.S.L.” company means reliable transportation of antiques, antique furniture, fragile things

If you need to transport antiques by car or plane, “D.S.L.” company will organize transportation of antiques in Ukraine or international transportation of antiques. Our specialization is the transportation of valuable goods, so we guarantee you the integrity and safety of the goods that we transport.

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