VesselsValue consulting company has published its latest ranking of countries with the largest merchant fleet. The leader of the list is again Greece, and Germany has lost the status of the country with the largest container fleet.

Shopping fleet of Greece is estimated at 84.079 billion dollars, which is almost 12% lower than a year earlier. Japan and China retained their places in the top three (the second and third place respectively). The cost of Japanese fleet dropped by 1% to 80.169 billion dollars, and the cost of Chinese fleet increased almost by 1% and amounted to 68.133 billion dollars.

Other places of the top ten were as follows (by falling): Singapore – 38.052 billion dollars, US – 34.432 billion dollars, Germany – 31.544 billion dollars, Norway – 30.427 billion dollars, South Korea – 21.204 billion dollars, Denmark – 19.492 billion dollars and UK – 15.847 billion dollars.




The main shift in the ranking was the fall of Germany from 4 th to 6 th place. This happened as a result of the cost cheapening of the container fleet of this country by 30% (to 15,223 billion dollars). As a result, Germany took on this indicator the second place. In this time the leader was China, which container fleet costs 18.613 billion dollars.

Cost falling of of the fleet is also recorded by South Korea – by 9.4% to 2.575 billion dollars. Other countries have improved their performance.

Within the breakdown by sectors, in addition to container transportation sector, the leaders remained unchanged. Greece has the largest tanker fleet (33,539 billion dollars), Japan – has the largest dry cargo fleet (29,297 billion dollars) and LNG-fleet (15,144 billion dollars).


Source: CFTS

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