International air cargo delivery classifies cargoes into categories. Separation of these categories caused by the necessity to provide the appropriate packaging, storage and transportation for each cargo on its characteristics. In addition, by air cargo delivery we need to adhere to certain rules of customs clearance and to prepare the relevant documents. It deserves special attention the issue of security – the goods themselves, as well as aircraft, crew and passengers in the event of the carriage of cargo on board of passenger aircraft.

In general, international air cargo delivery provides their division into special and ordinary loads.


Special Cargoes

1. Perishable Goods. Physical and / or chemical properties of such goods in transit are not stored for more than 24 hours. An example of such goods can be any perishable foods, medicines with a limited validity period after their manufacture, certain types of seeds, etc.

2. Live Animals. According to the rules of international freight transport, live animals are considered to be not only wild and domestic mammals, but also fish, insects and amphibians.

3. Valuable Goods. In the field of international air transportation, cargoes with a value over 1,000 USD are considered valuable. Thus, valuable cargo category includes high-precision instruments, works of art, precious metals, banknotes, securities, etc.

4. Human Remains (cargo 200). This category of goods includes not cremated human remains in the inner sealed coffin, and the coffin, in turn, is wrapped in a tarpaulin box. Air delivery of this cargo requires special instruments and processing tools.

5. Dangerous goods and goods of special purpose. This category may include a large number of products in various industries. It includes paints products, bases, toxic substances, dry ice, all kinds of weapons and their parts, etc. Regulatory ICAO and IATA documents define the special system of classification of dangerous goods.


Common (general) goods

All other goods which do not belong to the above mentioned categories, are common (general) cargoes. Air delivery of these goods is carried out according to standard rules and requirements.


Please note

The same cargo may belong to multiple categories. In this case, for the air delivery of the cargo must be met conditions provided for each category, to which the cargoes are classified.

For example, the radioactive isotope is dangerous and at the same time valuable cargo.

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