Global demand, measured in freight ton-kilometers (CTKs *), increased by 8.6% compared to July 2019. Overall, growth remains significant compared to the long-term average growth trend of around 4.7%. It is reported by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

As comparisons between 2020 and 2021 monthly results are distorted by the extraordinary impact of COVID-19, all comparisons to follow are to June 2019, which followed a normal demand pattern.

The growth rate has slowed slightly since June 2019, when demand increased by 9.2% (compared to pre-COVID-19 levels).

Capacity continues to recover, but is still 10.3% lower than in July 2019.

The strongest growth in air cargo traffic in July compared to the “dock” July 2019 was observed in the countries of North America – by 21.2%. In the countries of the Middle East – by 11.3%. More moderate growth was recorded in Europe (6.1%) and Asia-Pacific (1.2%). The decline was noted only in Latin America – by 9.8%.


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Source: IATA

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