Boryspil International Airport outperformed the airports of Vienna, Rome, Lisbon, Athens, Munich, Geneva, Zurich, Milan, Barcelona, Brussels, Stockholm, Warsaw and more than 300 other largest European airports reaching the 14 rank.

As pointed by the Chairman of the Boryspil Airport Supervisory Board Volodymyr Zhmak, with the reference to the ACI Europe report (Airport Council International), according to the Airport Press Center.

As a response to the challenges of the pandemic, in 2020, we developed the Anti–crisis Program for the restoration of Airport performance. And the recent results confirm that the pass we have chosen is the right one. According to the ACI Europe Report, which includes 341 largest European airports, we outran a number of high-capacity airfields. In particular, those are the airports of Vienna, Rome, Lisbon, Athens, Munich, Barcelona, Brussels, Stockholm, Zurich, Milan and Warsaw.

Passenger flow

The report published in June includes the data regarding the passenger flow. During the 4 months of 2021, Boryspil Airport ranked up to the 14th place in Europe and first time ever reaches top 15. Such results were achieved by virtue of the coordinated work of all the Airport departments on the development of the aviation network and passenger flow restoration, explained Volodymyr Zhmak.

He also noted that as of the May 2021, Boryspil Airport has already restored 60% of flights comparing to the results of 2019. In addition, as of the May 2021, Eurocontrol member countries restored their performance by only 39% comparing to the results of 2019. Therefore, Boryspil Airport restoration rate is by 1,5 times faster. Currently we are waiting for the full scale restoration of air connection with EU countries, providing even more active growth in passenger flow, noted Mr. Zhmak.

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