D.S.L. was founded on November 22, 2005 to deliver medical goods. Therefore, initially the company was named Medix Logistic.

In 2009, the company opened a new direction – valuable goods transportation – and signed an agreement with the world’s largest company Brinks Global Service (BGS). To ensure the safety of valuable goods during their ground transportation, two armored vehicles were purchased.

That year the company also decided to make a rebranding and change it’s name to D.S.L. This abbreviation represents the basic principles of the company:

  • Delivery – Organization of air, sea and multimodal container-transport system throughout Ukraine and abroad;
  • Security – Adherence to all the safety standards while cargo delivery and guarantee of their integrity;
  • Liability – Responsibility for complete execution of an order and adherence to all business terms and conditions.


For over 11 years D.S.L. provides a complex of services on registration and delivery of valuable goods under full financial responsibility throughout the BGS network.



Boryspil International Airport (KBP), Cargo terminal


Why did you decide to deal with the delivery of valuable goods?

Despite the demand, no one dared to provide such services. We are the only ones on the Ukrainian market who provide a full range of services in the field of transportation of valuable goods with full financial responsibility.


What is the difference between the transportation of valuable cargo and the general one?

It’s important to mention here that the airline’s liability is limited to a value (amount) of  $ 25 per kg. Valuable goods are usually small and high in value, and therefore have a high probability of loss or theft. Therefore, special control procedures are applied for the transportation of valuable goods:

☑ a special guarded warehouse, equipped with an alarm and limited access;

☑ loading and unloading from the aircraft is organized by a special department (team), authorized to work with this type of cargo;

☑ during transportation with overloads at transit airports, a separate person from our company monitors the unloading of cargo from the aircraft at the time of opening the hatch upon arrival and placing the cargo in the storage. This is also valid for departure. Each movement / unloading / loading is recorded in the report by a responsible person.

General cargo is transported without specified procedures.


Why does your company prefer air transportation?

We love aviation (airplanes) 🙂 But seriously, it’s very fast delivery option. A cargo is delivered in one day from Ukraine to almost anywhere in the world.


What interesting or complex orders did your company carry out?

We made the regіstration and delivery of tickets for the UEFA matches that took place in Ukraine. Fans were very pleased.


What else are you proud of?

Our corporate clients record statistics on the time for the whole complex of tasks on registration and delivery of goods from the supplier’s warehouse to the recipient’s warehouse. We are proud that we remain in the first place in terms of delivery speed throughout the entire period of cooperation.

Our European partners were pleasantly surprised when the cargo that arrived at Boryspil airport at 14:00 was cleared at customs and delivered to the client’s warehouse by 18:00.


What trends in logistics do you see nowadays?

Hard to say. I understand that all markets are now in constant flux. I expect that there will be an idea on the logistics services market that will change the market and mix all the players. I am currently searching for such an idea.


Has the quarantine situation affected your business?

Since the beginning of the quarantine, the cargo terminal of Boryspil airport did not stop working, but due to a decrease in the number of passenger flights:

  • ☑ the number of delivery directions decreased;
  • ☑ cargo flights overcrowded;
  • ☑ delivery time has increased;
  • ☑ forwarders began to look for new ways and delivery options;
  • ☑ forwarders have become more attentive to their customers;
  • ☑ we are looking for new directions for development.


Tell us about your team

The team is the most valuable thing in the company. Each employee is assigned to a certain task and responsible for its implementation. Every day we analyze the past day and plan our next day.

We openly work with clients and do not hide anything. Thus we receive feedback from our clients that in cooperation with us they are always aware of what they are paying for.


What about work-life balance? How are you spending your leisure time?

I enjoy traveling, learning something new, going into sports. Well, I also try to spend more time with my family.



Cabo da Roca – Most Western point in Europe


What plans does the company have for this and subsequent years?

We want to expand our service for railway transportation, as well as develop relationships with potential partners within JCtrans Global Logistics Network, which member we became this year.

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