In September, D.S.L. LLC became a member of JCtrans Logistics Network. JCtrans was founded in China in 2003 and currently has nearly 10,000,000 corporate users from over 200 countries and regions, as well as hundreds of thousands of logistics enterprises. JCtrans members are more than 2 thousand logistics companies from 165 countries of the world.

“Our company has been organizing international cargo air, sea and multimodal transportation for 15 years, providing all the necessary range of related services. And although we have long been part of a large international family of forwarders, we are always open to cooperation with new partners,” says Vladimir Doroshenko, CEO “DSL” company. – By joining JCtrans, we plan to further expand the boundaries of our activities, establish new business relationships and be useful for both customers and partners in the international freight market. “

With large domestic and international logistics and retail industry resources, JCtrans creates a centralized, secure and fast logistics transaction and settlement platform where traders can look for freight forwarders to expand purchasing channels, and freight forwarders offer logistics solutions to global partners to build long-term cooperative relationships.


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