Документы для отправки ценных грузов


In order to deliver a valuable cargo, you need to carefully prepare all the documents. A high-quality and complete package of documents will provide the client with a quick organization of transportation and prevent the risk of delays or return of the cargo.

According to modern requirements, the carrier company may even refuse to provide services for the transportation of valuable goods due to the lack of important certificates and statements. Without some of them, it is impossible to ensure the safety of cargo and guarantee a specific time frame for the performance of the service.

However, the carrier may undertake the preparation of all the necessary documents instead of the client, unless otherwise provided by law, but some originals of documents will still have to be prepared independently.

Let’s look at the general packages of documents that need to be prepared in order to deliver a valuable cargo (the list is not exhaustive, in each case additional documents may be required).


To deliver paintings you need:

  • ownership of the painting;
  • the conclusion of the state examination;
  • certificate for the right to export the painting;
  • completed customs declaration.


To deliver medical equipment:

  • expert assessment and opinion on the residual value of the equipment;
  • certificate of compliance with technical regulations.


To deliver animals:

  • international veterinary passport;

most often the information in the passport is written in English. The document must contain information about the appropriate vaccinations, chipping (mandatory for dogs, cats, ferrets).

  • certificate stating that animals do not represent breeding value;

for dogs, such a document can be obtained from an officially registered canine organization; for cats the certificate can be issued by an official association or club.

  • permission for transit or import / export of animals;
  • other documents provided for by the legislation of the country where the animal is sent. For example, for the importation of dogs into Tunisia, you need a certificate of vaccination against Carré disease.


To deliver currency values:

  • a completed customs declaration in the event that the currency of an individual exceeds the amount of 10,000 euros and any amount if the transportation is carried out by a legal entity for the purpose of economic activity through an appropriate representative;
  • documents confirming the withdrawal of cash from the relevant bank accounts (for an individual).


D.S.L. company has been working in the transportation market for more than 10 years, therefore, it has significant expertise in the preparation of documents for the transportation of valuable goods and provides maximum support throughout all stages of delivery.

Fill out the questionnaire on the website or deliver your package of documents for verification to the email address info@dsl-ua.com – and we will tell you what is missing in it and, possibly, what needs to be replaced in order for you to quickly and safely deliver the goods.

You can also get advice by calling 38 044 360 44 15/38 098 150 08 60.

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