DHL Express will add an additional four Boeing 767-300BCF (Boeing converted freighter) aircraft to its fleet.

The cargo carrier plans to modernize its long-haul intercontinental fleet, which currently consists of over 260 aircraft with 17 partner airlines. Since 2019, DHL Express has added 14 new Boeing 777F to replace older 747-400s. The carrier already operates the dedicated Boeing 767-300 freighter model across its global network for many years.

While many airlines have started to phase out their Boeing 767 passenger jets, the 767s are often seeing a second life as converted cargo aircraft. To date, Boeing has received over 50 orders and commitments for the 767-300BCF, in addition to dedicated Boeing 767F jets.

The 767-300BCF version has similar cargo capabilities as the 767-300F production freighter with approximately 50 tonnes structural payload at a range of approximately 3,000 nautical miles (5,556 km).


Source: International Flight Network

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