Flight demo_ A380 and A400M


Maintenance operator Lufthansa Technik received an order to develop the temporary re-equipment of a giant passenger airliner Airbus A380 to transport only goods.

The company did not disclose exactly which aircraft will be prepared for work in the new market conditions.

“In recent days, different airlines have expressed interest in the possibility of converting passenger aircraft into cargo aircraft,” said Henning Johann, Lufthansa Technik’s senior director of aircraft modifications and basic maintenance.

Now the provider is developing options for temporary conversion of the salons of 15 different types of aircraft of 40 airlines.

According to Johann, this kind of work consists not only in dismantling seats from aircraft, but also provides for various technical solutions, as well as their documentation.

This is due to the fact that different requirements apply when transporting passengers and goods. For example, if there should be an oxygen mask next to each passenger in the cabin, in the case of the transportation of goods, their proper fastening and the presence of a fire extinguishing system plays an important role.

Now Lufthansa Technik is working on obtaining additional type certificates for all popular passenger aircraft models. This will make it possible in the future, if necessary, to quickly convert passenger airliners into cargo ones.


Source: Avianews

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