Georgia is a country located on the southeast coast of the Black Sea in the western part of Transcaucasia. The state has common borders with Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Advantageous geographical location provides an important place for Georgia in the organization of cargo flows between Western Asia and Europe. This is an industrial and agricultural country in which machine-building, textile, aviation, chemical and food industries (especially wine production) are actively developing.


Trade cooperation Ukraine-Georgia

At this stage of trade and economic development, Georgia is an important partner for Ukraine. Our country ranks fifth among the trading partners of Georgia. Since 1996, a free trade regime has been operating between countries after the signing of the Free Trade Agreement.

In 2016, the Silk Road project, that is, the Trans-Caspian international transport route, began to function. Bypassing the territory of the Russian Federation, he must move goods from China to Western European markets. This route passes through Ukraine and Georgia, which opens up new trade prospects and will enhance trade between countries. Therefore, official Kiev and Tbilisi are interested in China’s active promotion of this project. Already in 2019, a protocol was signed on cooperation and the development of transport infrastructure to optimize transportation time, tariffs and cargo volumes between countries.

The most exported products from Georgia to Ukraine are agricultural products (wine, cognac spirit, mineral waters, tea, fruits, hazelnuts) and metallurgy (ferroalloys). Ukraine supplies to Georgia grain, sugar, engineering products, and timber.


Delivery Methods

Nowadays, trade between Ukraine and Georgia is actively growing. Cargo transportation Georgia-Ukraine can be carried out in various ways. The fastest and most reliable way of transportation is air transport. The main and largest Georgian airport named after Shota Rustaveli is located in Tbilisi. The airport was built as a very functional facility, therefore it is able to efficiently handle large flows of baggage. Besides him, international cargoes are accepted by the airports in Batumi and Kutaisi. Air delivery to Ukraine can be carried out by direct flights of Ukraine International Airlines, as well as a number of other international companies. This transport option is best suited for the prompt delivery of small and medium-sized goods.

Also, one of the options for transporting goods is the sea route. Sea transportation is no less reliable than air transportation. They are especially cost-effective for the transportation of bulky goods. This is facilitated by the active development of the main large ports of Georgia in Batumi, Pot, Sukhumi and Kulevi.

Of these, sea ferries regularly go to Odessa, Chernomorsk, which are capable of transporting not only containers, but even heavy cars and railway cars. Also, these ports process transit cargo. For example, in Batumi there is transshipment of containers and dry cargo. A powerful oil terminal operates in Kulevi. Poti Port is a universal port of Georgia, in which all the most important types of terminals operate. One of the biggest advantages of shipping is that they can be arranged without additional transshipment.

Car transportation of goods is also possible. Of course, ground delivery is slower compared to air, but also cheaper. Road transport between Ukraine and Georgia is developing very actively. In July 2019, additional quotas of permits for international reusable automobile transportation were approved between countries. Thanks to this, you can now have one form for bilateral and transit traffic. When transporting transit goods through the territory of Georgia, it is necessary to take into account the presence of a mandatory toll on the roads.

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