Uzbekistan or the Republic of Uzbekistan is a Central Asian state that borders Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. This is a country with an industrial and agricultural economy, in which gas production, oil refining, food, automotive, chemical, and electric power industries are actively developing. Uzbekistan is the only state in Central Asia that produces the necessary equipment for sericulture. This country also holds the lead in the cultivation of rare table grape varieties.

The largest export items from Uzbekistan include cotton, raw silk, energy products, products of the chemical and petrochemical industries, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, textiles, food (in particular grapes), automobiles, and various equipment. Cotton exports account for 40% of the country’s total exports, which provides Uzbekistan with one of the leading places in the world in the development of cotton production. The most important foreign trade partners of Uzbekistan are Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Iran, China, Ukraine. Machines, equipment, timber, sugar, animal oil are imported to Uzbekistan.


Ukrainian-Uzbek economic relations

At the legislative level, relations between countries are regulated by the Treaty of Friendship and Deepening Economic Cooperation. Since 1994, the Agreement on cooperation in the field of freight transportation has been in force. The Joint Ukrainian-Uzbek Commission on Comprehensive Cooperation, which organizes bilateral regional economic forums, regularly works. This allows you to intensify the work for the development of economic trade relations.

At the end of 2019, Ukraine is among the 20 most important foreign economic partners of Uzbekistan (ranked 13th). From here, cotton fiber, petroleum products, automobiles, clothing, fruits, organic chemistry products, and copper are actively supplied to Ukraine. Ukraine exports to Uzbekistan ferrous metallurgy products, pharmaceuticals, and technological equipment. At this stage of trade relations, Uzbekistan is considered the largest global buyer of Ukrainian sugar. Also, one of the priorities of trade with this country for Ukraine is the pharmaceutical industry.


Methods of delivery of goods to Uzbekistan

© Airbus 2008 - Uzbekistan Airways

© Airbus 2008 – Uzbekistan Airways


International air cargo delivery

Given the geographical location, the most convenient and reliable mode of transportation is air cargo delivery. Delivery of goods is fast (3-4 days), but has a higher price compared to other transportation options. Almost all major cities in Uzbekistan have their own airports. Of these, 12 airports can serve cargo transportation. Tashkent-Yuzhny Airport is considered to be the busiest not only in the country, but also in Central Asia. This airport has a favorable geographical location, because it is located at the intersection of airways connecting Europe and Asia. Most of the cargo passes through this airport, because regular air communication with many countries of the world is well established here.


Rail freight delivery

The best delivery option for large volumes of cargo is rail. Uzbekistan has a wide network of railways with a total length of about 3400 km, providing not only an internal connection, but also communication with other states. More than 80% of the total freight turnover of the country is rail. Due to the prevailing military-political situation, the railway route to Uzbekistan through Russia was banned for Ukraine. Therefore, rail transportation is carried out by the Trans-Caspian international route. Delivery of goods to Ukraine in this way lasts about 14 days, but has the main advantage – low cost and the ability to send large volumes of goods compared to air travel.


Road freight transportation

Due to the large distance between Ukraine and Uzbekistan, for the organization of road transport, it is necessary to take into account the need to draw up relevant documentation for crossing several state borders. Transportation using vehicles is quite popular, because it makes it possible to deliver large quantities of goods. The length of roads in Uzbekistan is about 80 thousand kilometers, which allows delivering goods from all major cities (most often – Tashkent, Kokand, Samarkand, Namangan, Almalyk, Bekabad, Denau, Jizzakh, Kagan, Urgench and other cities in accordance with the needs of the customer) . On average, road transport takes 14-20 days.


Sea freight delivery

Uzbekistan has no direct access to the sea. For inland navigation, the Amu Darya is used. Ferry services from Uzbekistan can only be arranged in transit through the territory of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. So delivery is carried out to the ports of the Black and Mediterranean Seas, as well as to large cities in Europe.


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