Armenia is a small state located in the northern part of Western Asia. The country borders on Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iran, partly these countries are also its trade and economic partners. But Armenia also has established international trade relations with countries such as the USA, China, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium.

Ukraine has been cooperating with Armenia for a long time and foreign trade turnover is only growing every year. Armenia also invests in Ukraine in such sectors as: real estate operations, wholesale and retail trade, industry and others.



Armenia belongs to the agro-industrial countries. The main sectors are: metalworking, mechanical engineering, development of rock springs, as well as the chemical industry.

Armenia is often called the country of affordable prices because of the fairly loyal prices of food, wood, as well as base metals.

Mainly exported goods of Armenia include: untreated copper, non-ferrous metals, dairy products, wine, mineral water, diamonds and semiprecious stones. Imported goods include: oil, paper products, paper, natural gas, cereals, mining equipment.

The country’s economy is underdeveloped, and there are a number of reasons for this, such as:

  • partial isolation from the world and relative remoteness from international markets,
  • rather complicated customs clearance of goods and services,
  • high transit and transportation costs,
  • lack of access to the sea.

All these factors greatly reduce the country’s competitiveness in the international arena. Access to the sea usually attracts many investors, and this naturally affects the economic development of the country.



The lack of access to the sea, the conflict between Armenia and Turkey, which led to the closure of borders between the countries since 1993, the difficult mountainous terrain that covers 70% of the country, as well as the lack of proper asphalt pavement, are the main difficulties for organizing international cargo delivery. As follows from the peculiarities of the transport infrastructure, transportation to Armenia by road is a rather difficult task. These same features determine the best way of international cargo transportation.

That is, the best way to deliver goods will be definitely be air transportation. This is facilitated by two existing airports in the country, one of them is Chirac, the second is one of the largest and newest airports in the country – Zvartutz. The plans are the construction of the third. Of course, air delivery is a win-win option when you need to invest in short lines or send a cargo of small volume and weight. Estimated delivery time is only 1-2 days.


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