Israel is a fairly young state, which is considered one of the developed countries in the world of southwestern Asia. The country’s economy is developing dynamically. Innovations in technological software, science and technology have earned authority in the world, so Israel is considered an analogue of Silicon Valley in the United States. America took part in the development of the country, which, since the times of World War II, has subsidized Israel.

The industry in Israel is high-tech and is focused on the production of medical equipment, electrical equipment, chemical products, and pharmaceuticals.



International trade relations between Ukraine and Israel are developing steadily, but at a slow pace.

Israel is one of Ukraine’s main trading partners in the Middle East region and it is believed that market relations will only improve in the future. The emphasis is on areas that, according to experts, will develop rapidly, and these are: agricultural production, tourism, hydrocarbon processing, medicine, communications and energy efficiency.

Negotiations on cooperation and a free trade area have been ongoing for a long time, but only at the beginning of January 2019, the Free Trade Agreement was signed. It provides for the abolition of import duties on most industrial goods. The agreement also provides for some concessions in the import of food products and agricultural products.

The structure of trade and economic relations between Ukraine and Israel is dominated by the export of Ukrainian products, that is, Ukraine has a positive foreign trade balance with Israel in 2018, which amounts to 367.4 million dollars. USA. The main product groups in Ukraine’s exports to Israel were: grain crops, ferrous metals, wood, wood products and other agricultural products. The main goods imported to Ukraine from Israel were: chemical products, mineral fuels, oil and its products, electric machines and pharmaceutical products.





A feature of Israeli logistics is the continuous promotion of automation, the introduction of software to manage the logistics process, and minimizing the human factor.

Israel has a fairly developed system of international transportation.

The bulk of international cargo transportation in Israel falls on the sea and air transport. Possible delivery methods to / from Israel and by attracting trucks. In this case, use the ferry with Turkey. However, this method is not very popular today, since there is no regular ferry service and this slows down the transportation process. In addition, the cost of delivering goods from Israel to the same Ukraine by road will be several times more expensive than when using container shipping.

The sea type of cargo delivery is well developed, since Israel has access to the Red and Mediterranean Seas, as well as to the oceans. The country has 7 seaports. This method of transporting goods is often used when delivering goods from Ukraine to Israel, which is facilitated by the close distance between the countries. Transportation of goods in this case will last about a week, which will significantly reduce costs. The largest seaports that accept international shipping are Eilat, Ashdod, Hader and Haifa.

Undoubtedly, air transportation remains the fastest and most reliable way of transporting goods. But there are restrictions on the weight and dimensions of the cargo, which must be taken into account when planning delivery. Transportation of small consignments and if there is a time limit will be most beneficial. Air delivery usually transport drugs, high-tech equipment, premium food products, chemicals, expensive equipment. Airports that accept international freight transport are located in Lod, Jerusalem, Ovda and Eilat.

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