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Kyrgyzstan is a post-socialist country located in Central Asia and considered one of the poorest countries in the region.

Kyrgyzstan is an industrial-agrarian country, the main areas of economy of which are: small-scale engineering, food, textile and mining. You can also enroll in farming and agriculture.

The main goods exported include cotton, tobacco, wool, shoes, antimony, and mercury. The country buys such imported goods: coal, petroleum products, natural gas, wood, fish products, cardboard and paper, as well as medicines.

The main international economic trade partners of Kyrgyzstan are Russia, China and Kazakhstan, the last two countries are the largest flow of products grown for export. Other important trade and economic partners are Uzbekistan, Germany, France, as well as Switzerland.

Trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan has deteriorated significantly due to the ban of the Russian government on transit traffic from Ukraine to Kyrgyzstan. The decree was adopted by the President of Russia on January 1, 2016, the decree ended only on July 01, 2019. The ban on transit traffic has significantly reduced the total volume of foreign trade between countries, which every year, from the day the decree is adopted, continues to fall. If we compare 2018 and 2017, the overall indicator of foreign trade decreased by 19.4%. Ukrainian exports to Kyrgyzstan mainly consist of pharmaceuticals, meat, sugar, grains, electric machines, paper and cardboard. Ukraine imports from Kyrgyzstan skin, land vehicles, fruits and nuts, and food products.


The peculiarity of international transportation to Kyrgyzstan is greatly affected by the landscape of the country. Kyrgyzstan is a country ¾ the area of which is occupied by high mountain ranges. Therefore, there is only one single central Bishkek-Osh highway operating in the country. This means that even a slight change in road conditions can cause a delay in the load. It should be taken into account the fact that the country has no access to the sea, that is, there is no possibility of sea transportation.

The only reliable delivery option is air delivery. Air transportation has a number of significant advantages: it is the fastest method of delivery, safety and integrity of cargo during delivery, the ability to control cargo at all stages of the route. The airports that accept international freight transportation are Manas and Osh, they are in Bishkek.


If you need to send the goods to Kyrgyzstan or from Kyrgyzstan to Ukraine, call us, write or leave a request on the site.

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