Vietnam is a socialist country, which gained independence only in 1954. Here, until recently, the influence of the Soviet Union was felt, which rather slowed down the development of the country, since foreign capital nationalized. Then it was decided to amend the legislation, which allowed to attract foreign investment, which in turn greatly accelerated the economic development of the country. At its core, Vietnam is an agrarian country in which industry is at the stage of development. That is, until today, agriculture is the main sector of the economy and ensures the food security of the country. Regarding industry, the main sectors include: food, mining, light, oil, engineering.



 Now Vietnam’s economy is developing rapidly, and for a couple of decades Vietnam could offer only agricultural products to importers, and then these were not high quality goods. Today, thanks to foreign investment and cheap labor, the country can offer shoes and clothing for export. The products offered are of fairly high quality, and can even compete with China for the price. All this led to the fact that the demand for cargo transportation to and from Vietnam has increased significantly.

Ukraine and Vietnam have strong economic, trade and friendly relations that have developed under the Soviet Union. Trade and economic cooperation is based on the Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of SRV on trade and economic relations (1992), the Agreement on the establishment of the Ukrainian-Vietnamese Intergovernmental Commission with trade, economic and scientific and technical cooperation (1993). In Vietnam, Ukrainian enterprises export grain, honey, nuts, plant seeds, sunflower oil, raw materials for the light and chemical industries, rolled metal products, and antibiotics. Spices, coffee, tea, seafood, clothes, furniture are imported from Vietnam.



Cargo delivery is carried out in two ways: air delivery or sea delivery. Air transportation is the most convenient, fast and reliable way of delivery. Moreover, there are modern airports in the country that can take even large planes. Vietnam has a developed aviation infrastructure. International air transportation of cargo from Vietnam is carried out by the following airports in the country: Phu Quoc, Noi Baiy, Danang, Katbi, Chulay, Can Tho, Cam Ranh, Lien Khuong. Due to the high cost of such transportation, air delivery is mainly used for the transport of valuable goods and pharmaceuticals. Also recommended for air transportation perishable goods, precious goods, fragile and vibration-sensitive goods. Delivery time is approximately 5-7 days.



It should be noted that the most profitable option is considered to be container shipping. Since Vietnam has access to the South China Sea, the maritime infrastructure is very developed. The port of Saigon is the largest transportation hub, and is among the top 30 largest ports in the world.

The advantages of maritime delivery of goods to Vietnam are primarily low cost and the ability to transport unlimited volumes. But at the same time the disadvantage is very low speed: sea delivery will take approximately from 20 days to a month and a half. There is also a direct dependence on climatic and weather conditions.

In addition, separately worth mentioning about groupage cargo from Vietnam. This option is suitable for those who deliver small quantities of goods. This will allow delivery from Vietnam with the most efficient use of the container’s useful area. Consolidation of general cargo requires from 3 to 7 days, therefore the total transportation time in this case also increases. Deliveries are delivered both by sea and by air.



International railway delivery of goods in Vietnam, in fact, is absent. This is due primarily to the fact that the railway network is poorly developed in Vietnam. Also the width of the gauge in Vietnam is different from the traditional European.

In recent years, the multimodal method has become particularly popular. By sea, the container is transported to the port of Saigon, Cam Ranh or Haiphong. After that, with the help of railroad tracks, the cargo is sent from north to south. It is also possible to use the scheme “air + auto”, “sea + auto”.


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