The Boryspil airport aims to handle 50 million passengers by 2030. This figure will be stipulated in the updated strategy for development of the airport, which is currently being drafted. The airport’s First Deputy General Director Yevhen Dykhne announced this at a meeting of the aviation committee of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was held on Monday, October 2, the CFTS portal reports.

“Together with an Austrian consulting company, we are developing a strategic plan for development of the airport to 50 million passengers. These are the possibilities that Boryspil has if infrastructure is developed. The Boryspil airport is destined to develop to 50 million passengers. Nobody knows when, but our country has a population of more 40 million people. The Vienna airport carries 25 million passengers while Austria has a population of 8 million people. If we are far-sighted, the development of airports should outpace airlines and the development of the market for years to come,” Dykhne said.


The Boryspil airport handled 8.64 million passengers in 2016

It is expected to handle 10.16 million passengers this year. The strategy for development of the airport provides for handling 30 million passengers by the year 2030. The airport’s General Director Pavlo Riabikin recently said that the airport could reach a passenger traffic of 40 million by the early 2030s.

Currently, only six airports in Europe handle more than 50 million passengers: Heathrow (London) handles 75.7 million, Charles de Gaulle (Paris) 65.9 million, Schiphol (Amsterdam) 63.6 million, Frankfurt 60.7 million, Ataturk Airport (Istanbul) 60.1 million, and Madrid-Barajas 50.4 million.


Source: CTS

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