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The Nova Poshta postal and logistics company intends to create its own fleet of aircraft in the near future. The aircraft will initially be used to deliver parcels within the country and later to deliver international parcel and freight. The company may launch flights as early as 2018.

The company’s co-owner Volodymyr Popereshniuk announced this in an interview with the Interfax Ukraine news agency.

“We are currently working on the ‘Nova Logistics’ project, which provides for the maximum speed of delivery that can be achieved by road. The second stage involves the use of aviation within the country. I would like our first domestic flights to begin next year,” Popereshniuk said.

The company also expects to launch international flights in the near future. “We plan to have a Nova Poshta aircraft by 2018. Maybe 2-3 years will be needed for the company to begin using its aircraft and begin delivering parcels directly from America and China with its own aircraft. That is our goal. Then, we will be able to switch to minimum periods and regulate cost and quality,” Popereshniuk said.


Source: CTS

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